1979, Volume 25, Issue 4
371-375 Rozenfeld E.L.
Disordered glucose-6-phosphate transport as a possible cause of glycogenosis type Ib
375-379 Veremeenko K.N., Pogorelaia N.F.
Use of aerosils in activating plasma prekallikrein
379-382 Sokolova V.E., Liubartseva L.A.
Effect of flavonoids on aspects of nitrogen metabolism in experimental uremia
383-387 Kil'dema L.A.
Changes in the isoenzymatic makeup of pyruvate kinase in hepatic carcinogenesis
387-392 Kulinskiĭ V.I., Kononova L.I., Savorenko N.S.
Tryptamine metabolic study in man
392-395 Ialkut S.I., Danilova S.A., Kulchitskij O.K.
cAMP phosphodiesterase activity in the leukocytes in bronchial asthma
395-397 Anikeĭcheva N.V., Aleksandrova S.S., Debov S.S., Nikolskaya I.I.
Detection of plasmids in the cells of E. coli CK
398-402 Muzhichenko A.V., Khardina G.A.
Effect of typhoid endotoxin and lipid A on the phospholipid content in liver tissue
402-408 Panchenko L.F., Antonenkov V.D.
Enzymatic characteristics of a peroxisome fraction isolated by the use of hypotonic treatment of subcellular structures
408-414 Fomenko P.I., Rebrov L.B.
Postmortem inhibition of RNA synthesis in the liver and skeletal muscles of rats
415-419 Silaeva S.A., Danilova N.I.
Isoenzymes of mitochondrial thymidine kinase from normal and proliferating rat liver tissues
420-423 Pleskov V.M., Saakian I.L., Zhitnukhin Yu.L.
Induction of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis with encephalitogenic myelin proteins from the spinal cord of a bull
423-427 Matveenko V.N., Kamerin V.K., Gajdamak A.N., Baldin Yu.P.
Mucopolysaccharides, collagen and calcium of bone regenerate in replacing a bone defect by a method of unilocular compression-distraction osteosynthesis
427-432 Pleskov V.M., Saakian I.L.
Hexokinase and lactate dehydrogenase activity and isoenzymatic makeup of the soluble fraction of dissimilarly functioning rabbit muscles normally and in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis
433-435 Sorokin A.S., Iakobson G.S.
Change in the enzymatic activity of liver carbohydrate metabolism after the one-time carbon tertrachloride poisoning of rats
436-439 Skliadneva V.B., Chekanovskaia L.A., Tikhonenko T.I.
Identification of the amino acids participating in interaction with DNA in the makeup of a viral nucleoprotein
439-441 Pchelkina Z.M., Matveev B.P., Rykunov E.I., Terentev A.A., Tatarinov Yu.S.
Immunochemical study of the alpha-globulins in human kidney tumor tissue
441-444 Mazo V.K., Nikulicheva S.I., Volkova L.I., Pleten A.P., Uchitel I.A., Shaternikov V.A.
Isolation of renin from human kidneys
444-447 Leonteva T.P., Kazakov A.L., Ryzhenkov V.E.
Effect of the total flavonoids from red clover and chick-pea on the lipid content in the blood and liver of rats
447-451 Gerasimov A.M., Koroleva L.A., Ivanova L.I., Panchenko L.F.
Activity of glutathione: dehydroascorbate reductase in rat tissues
451-455 Dmitriev L.F., Ivanov I.I.
Distribution of the reducing equivalents in the cell in the active phase of benz(a)pyrene metabolism
456-460 Manankova N.M., Nesterenko E.A., Argutinskaia S.V., Salganik R.I.
Effect of the early postnatal induction of microsomal enzymes on their activity and the cholesterol content in the blood of adult mice from a hypercholesteremic line
460-466 Kunert E., Dovedova E.L.
Effect of light deprivation on GABA metabolism in subcellular fractions of the rabbit visual system
466-468 Lopukhin Yu.M., Borodin E.A., Sergienko V.I., Khalilov E.M., Ziuliaev A.I., Lyusov V.A., Archakov A.I.
Cholesterol content in human and rabbit erythrocytes in atherosclerosis and experimental hypercholesteremia
468-471 Ivanov V.V., Zhirnov G.F., Bachmanova G.I., Mazurov A.V., Archakov A.I.
Interaction of acrylonitrile with the system of microsomal oxidation in rat liver tissue
471-480 Gerasimova E.N., Torkhovskaia T.I., Perova N.V., Bazanova E.A.
Plasma lipoproteins and aortic collagen fractions in rabbits with different degrees of atherosclerosis
480-484 Gobeev V.N., Berezov T.T.
Activity of the key glycolysis and respiration enzymes in the rat liver in chemical carcinogenesis
484-491 Roze L.V., Rosenfeld E.L., Popova I.A., Vikhert A.M., Bykovskaya K.N.
Characteristics of glycogen metabolic regulation in rats with experimental autoimmune cardiomyopathy
491-494 Rakov S.S., Fedoseeva V.N., Votrin I.I.
Nonpathogenic Neisseria studied for the content of histidine decarboxylase
494-499 Nartikova N.F., Paskhina T.S.
A method for estimation of α1-antitrypsin and of α2-macroglobulin in human blood serum (plasma) in normal state and under some pathological conditions
500-503 Likhacheva N.V., Burobin V.A., Barashnev Yu.I., Nikolaeva E.A.
Diagnosis of histidinemia through using the determination of urocanic acid in the sweat by an enzymatic method
503-507 Oborotova T.A., Berman A.E., Mazurov V.I.
Comparative characteristics of 2 methods of isolating a polyribosomal fraction enriched with collagen mRNA
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