1983, Volume 29, Issue 2
2-7 Levitskaia Z.I., Balabolkin M.I.
Regulatory mechanisms of insulin secretion from beta-cells
11-13 Zhukhorov L.S.
Lipid composition of mononuclear and polymorphonuclear leukocytes from peripheral blood of patients with chronic ischemic heart disease
13-17 Selevich M.I., Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
State of lipid metabolism in rats preferably consuming water or ethanol solution
17-23 Titov V.N., Tvorogova M.G., Levitova E.N., Krylova E.A.
Characteristics of lipoprotein metabolism impairments in nephrotic syndrome
23-26 Saratikov A.S., Novozheeva T.P., Vengerovskiĭ A.I.
Effect of benzobamil on the morpho-functional state of liver and drug metabolism in experimental CC14 intoxication
26-29 Abramov A.A., Gussakovskiĭ E.E., Babaev T.A.
Differences in the secondary structure of thyroglobulin under normal conditions and in nodular goiter
29-35 Iusupova D.V., Sokolova R.B., Gedze G.I.
Deoxyribonuclease of Proteus mirabilis
35-40 Nikul'cheva N.G., Soliternova I.B., Krivoruchenko I.V.
Lipolytic activity in blood plasma of patients with ischemic heart disease after administration of heparin on an empty stomach and with simultaneous fatty loading
40-43 Meerson F.Z., Petukhov M.I., Khodyreva A.F., Paramonova I.V., Solov'ev V.A.
Deterioration of lipid metabolism in testes under emotional-pain stress
44-47 Shepotinovskiĭ V.I., Makashinovich Z.I., Kopeliovich G.A.
Metabolic consequences of kidney normothermic ischemia
48-51 Nadirova T.Ya., Slutskiĭ I.P.
Effect of nonionic detergents on the results of studies of dehydrogenase and cholinesterase activities under conditions of enzyme electrophoresis
57-60 Silaeva S.A., Khatsernova B.Ia., Sheremet'evskaia T.N.
Thymidine kinase and nucleoside phosphotransferase in blood of animals after partial hepatectomy and in patients with inflammatory diseases
60-64 Khatsernova B.Ia., Silaeva S.A., Sheremet'evskaia T.N.
Interrelationship between activity of nuclear ribonucleotide reductase and DNA synthesis of hepatocyte nuclei during liver tissue regeneration
64-69 Movshev B.E., Averchenko V.I.
Alpha-2-globulins of blood in experimental burns
69-73 Kaliman P.A., Sergienko N.G., Luchko N.A., Brovina N.N.
Biogenic monoamines and their precursors in rats with spontaneous arterial hypertension
73-77 Maianskaia N.N., Panin L.E., Poliakov L.M.
Physiological mechanisms of the regulation of lipoprotein biosynthesis in liver during physical exercise and in different phases of the restoration period
77-79 Reshina V.M., Savina M.I.
Effect of hormones and partial hepatectomy on incorporation of labeled precursor in nuclear proteins of mouse liver
80-83 Triufanov V.F., Usatenko M.S., Bokii I.V., Bol'shakova T.I., Sokolovskaia N.E.
Concentration of lipids and apolipoproteins A-1 and E in blood plasma of men with acute alcohol intoxication
83-89 Mamadiev M.M., Khuzhamberdiev M.M., Gorkin V.Z.
Normalization of impairments in deamination of nitrogen compounds in experimental hypercholesterolemia
89-92 Pan'kov V.N., Fedorov N.A.
Content of 5-methylcytosine in DNA fractions in normal human leukocytes and in chronic leukoses
93-101 Kuz'mak N.I.
Effect of L-thyroxine on content of carbohydrate components of glycoproteins in subcellular fractions of liver, thyroid gland and blood cells of rats
101-104 Sal'nikova L.A., Nikolaeva L.V., Lopatina N.I.
Methemoglobin and catalase activity in erythrocytes of children with hypothyroidism
104-107 Kulinskiĭ V.I., Udovitsina (Cherkasova) T.I., Vstavskaia I.A., Rykov S.A.
Comparison of the changes in mitotic activity and in serotonin concentration in regenerating liver
109-115 Berman A.E., Oborotova T.A., Tarasova E.A., Mazurov V.I.
Functional characteristics of two membrane-bound polysome fractions from chick embryos
115-118 Zubairov D.M., Kuznetsov V.I.
Distribution of thromboplastic and 5'-nucleotidase activity in human liver
118-120 Shelkova T.V., Kazimirovskaia V.B., Liapina L.A.
Alteration in the functional state of the anticoagulation system after administration of chlormethylsilatrane
120-124 Kudriavtseva T.V., Dmitrieva N.V., Turkina T.I.
Analysis of lipid and phospholipid spectra in blood and erythrocyte membranes in childhood obesity
124-126 Blinov M.N., Luganova I.S., Vladimirova A.D.
Polyamines in normal human blood cell proteins and in leukosis
127-130 Frolova I.A., Tsagikian T.A., Borisova L.I., Gordeeva V.A., Sirota I.I.
Excretion of catecholamines and lipid composition of blood in patients with chronic pancreatitis
130-133 Beĭer E.M., Vidershaĭn G.Ya., Bakharev V.A., Rozovskiĭ I.S.
Activity and appearance of isoenzyme spectrums of some lysosomal hydrolases in biopsy material of human chorion
134-140 Kondakova N.V., Bozhko G.V., Korzhova L.P., Sakharova V.V., Strelkova L.B.
Estimation of various quantitative methods for the determination of native and formaldehyde-treated proteins
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