1978, Volume 24, Issue 5
579-591 Roninson I.B., Naroditskiĭ B.S.
Functional organization of papova- and adenovirus DNA
591-595 Konnova L.A.
Fractional composition of acid glycosaminoglycans in the aortas of rats during the evolution of hypercholesteremia
595-600 Nosova I.M., Kotkina T.I., Zaets T.L.
Effect of contrical on the activity of lactate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase and their isoenzymes in the organs and tissues of burned animals
600-605 Vaniaev B.I.
Distribution of radioactive phosphorus (P32) and intensity of ATP metabolism in the cardiac muscle of rats following partial parasympathectomy and physical stress
605-608 Makevnina M.G., Kudokotseva E.V., Dobretsov G.E., Belous A.M.
Effect of low temperatures on the functional state of the membranes of the hepatic endoplasmic reticulum
608-612 Brestkin A.P., Viaz'menskaia M.M., Dembo M.A., Maizel' E.B., Raikher I.I.
Properties of cholinesterase preparations from human erythroyctes
613-617 Khomullo G.V., Travkina V.M., Ryzhova T.I., Kokoreva G.A.
State of protein and mineral metabolism following thyrocalcitonin administration during experimental osteogenesis
617-620 Shenkman B.Z.
Serotonin inactivation by tissues of the gastrointestinal tract and liver in the presence of dysenteric poisoning
620-624 Aleksandrovich A.G., Anan'eva G.V., Dimitrova A.I., Konstantinov A.A., Litonian Z.M.
Effect of acute hypoxia on the metabolic activity of lung tissue
624-628 Saratikov A.S., Marina T.F., Fisanova L.L.
Mechanism of action of salidrozide on the metabolism of cerebral catecholamines
629-632 Kireev M.M., Konvaĭ V.D.
Nucleotide pool of the brains of rats during different stages of dying
632-636 Voronkov G.S.
Adrenaline and noradrenaline elimination from the blood of rats of different ages
636-640 Taranova N.P.
Incorporation of 2-14C-acetate into the glycolipids of the spinal cord and brain stem of normal guinea pigs and guinea pigs in the paralytic stage of triorthocresylphosphate poisoning
640-645 Safrazbekian R.R., Sukasian R.S., Arzanunts E.M.
Activating effect of indolylhdrazides on rat brain monamine oxidase
645-648 Kulinskiĭ V.I.
Use of catechol-O-methyltransferase determinations for assessment of the state of catechnolamine metabolism in man
648-652 Verkhratsky N.S.
Effect of acetylcholine on protein biosynthesis in regions of the heart in adult and old rats
652-657 Davydova S.Ya., Vetchinin S.S.
Concentration of cyclic nucleotides, activity of adenylate cyclase, 3',5'-AMP phosphodiesterase and guanylate cyclase in plasma membranes from liver and hepatomas of different degrees of malignancy
657-666 Gerasimova E.N., Glazunov I.S., Bodrova E.A., Suchkova S.N., Zykova V.P.
Changes in the quality of hormones in blood plasma and ischemic heart disease risk factors in 40--59-year-old men
666-670 Filippova V.N., Filanovskaia L.I., Blinov M.N., Ushakova E.A.
Alteration of leukocyte AMP- and IMP-pyrophosphorylase stability in leukemia
670-675 Popov A.V., Kuznetsov A.S., Lozovskiĭ V.T.
Glycosaminoglycans in the makeup of the lipid-protein complexes of the human aorta
676-678 Golovenko N.Ya.
Relationship between aminoglucuronide synthesis in the bodies of white rats and the physico-chemical properties of the substrate
679-690 Spirichev V.B., Blazheevich N.V., Bogoslovskiĭ N.A., Samokhvalov G.I., Avakumov V.M.
Comparative study of the biological activity and toxic effect of 1alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol and ergocalciferol in rats
690-694 Roze L.V., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Effect of biogenic amines on phosphorolysis and gamma-amylolysis of glycogen in the cardiac muscle of rats under anesthesia
694-699 Aleksandrova S.S., Nikol'skaia I.I., Debov S.S.
Fractionation and purification of DNA methylation enzymes from Escherichia coli CK cells on phosphocellulose P-11
699-702 Linitskaia G.L., Iatsyna A.A., Pushkarskaia N.L., Galegov G.A.
Effect of ribovirine (1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboximide) on RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase induction and virus-specific polysome formation in cell cultures infected with influenza A virus
702-708 Dzantiev B.B., Gavrilova E.M., Egorov A.M., Smirnova M.B., Berezin I.V.
Quantitative determination of immunoglobulin A in human serum by an immunoenzyme technic
708-712 Lebedev D.A.
Method of studying collagen metabolism in human skin
712-716 Godlevska M.A., Kregers A.F., Purinia B.A., Slutskiĭ L.I.
Use of dispersion analysis for studying the biochemical composition of the walls of the major arteries of the head and cerebral arteries in man
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