1981, Volume 27, Issue 1
Soviet medical biochemistry on the eve of the 26th Party Congress
7-18 Rozenfel'd E.L.
Models of enzymopathies and their role in elaborating methods of enzyme therapy (review)
18-22 Larionov N.P., Golubeva L.Yu.
Role of stationary activation of glycolysis in the heart during compensatory hyperfunction and aging
22-27 Barabash R.D., Gukevich E.K., Vakulenko L.V., Bondarenko V.S.
Source of enzymes of mixed human saliva
27-30 Lapin I.P., Nikitina Z.S., Sytinskiĭ I.A.
Decrease in the activity of cerebral gamma-aminobutyric acid metabolism enzymes under the influence of kynurenines possessing convulsive activity
31-35 Reznikov K.M., Petrov A.V.
Oxidative phosphorylation in cardiac muscle mitochondria during combined treatment of experimental myocardial infarct with potassium orotate and hyperbaric oxygenation
35-39 Meerson F.Z., Lifshits R.I., Pavlova V.I.
Dynamics and physiological significance of GABA-system activation in brain and cardiac muscle during emotional-pain stress
40-43 Kil'chitsky O.K.
Effect of adrenaline on cyclic nucleotide concentration in the tissues of rats of different ages
43-46 Reznikova M.B., Postnov I.V.
ACTH-adenylate cyclase in adipose cell 'ghosts' of rats with spontaneous hypertension (effect of adrenalectomy)
47-51 Frol'kis R.A., Tsiomik V.A., Likhtenshtein I.E., Evstratova I.N.
Energy formation processes in the myocardium during measured limitation of coronary blood flow
51-55 Stroev E.A., Pozniakovskiĭ V.M., Krylov I.F.
Participation of cyclic nucleotides in the mechanism of regulation of the tissue pool of coenzyme A and the acetylizing capacity of rats
56-59 Risin S.A.
Effect of histones on mouse liver mitochondria cytochrome oxidase activity in vitro and in vivo
59-61 Makeeva V.F., Komolova G.S., Egorov I.A., Serova L.V., Chel'naia N.A.
Cyclic nucleotides in tissues during long-term hypokinesia
62-64 Iakovlev V.F.
Nervous regulation of glycogen concentration and the lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme spectrum in the diaphragm of rats
64-67 Lemondzhava N.I., Dzhalagoniia S.L.
Effect of daily blood sampling on creatine phosphokinase, SGOT, and SGPT activity in the serum of monkeys
68-72 Velichko M.G., Trebukhina R.V., Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Features of pyruvate and lactate metabolism in tumor-bearing rats following citrate administration
72-77 Baumanis E.A., Kalninia I.E., Iriste A.A., Gorkin V.Z.
Modification of mitochondrial monoamine oxidase activity by certain amine inhibitors
77-80 Andreenko G.V., Shimonaeva E.E., Liutova L.V., Serebriakova T.N.
Effect of a single administration of plasminogen tissue activator on the state of the fibrinolytic system of rat blood
80-83 Rybakova L.P., Tiagotin I.V., Kharchenko M.F.
Effect of lysosomal acid-soluble proteins on the respiratory activity of the granulocytes of healthy subjects and chronic myeloid leukemia patients
83-87 Titov V.N., Chvileva O.P., Cherniad'eva I.F.
Use of ultrafiltration to obtain serum devoid of lipoproteins
87-91 Gaĭnutdinov M.Kh., Lavina I.I., Turakulov I.Kh.
Decrease in the activity of the cytoplasmic regulator of mitochondrial function in liver ischemia
91-96 Grigor'ev G.P.
Electrophoretic study of the membrane proteins of erythrocytes of different ages
96-99 Solov'eva G.A., Sakharova I.S.
Potentiometric study of the progress of the glycogen synthetase reaction
99-102 Morenkova S.A., Karelin A.A.
Role of prostaglandins in islet cell dysfunction in generalized infections
102-108 Shcherbakova I.A., Perova N.V., Karmanskiĭ I.M., Torkhovskaia T.I.
Preparatory isolation of subclasses of high density lipoproteins and features of their composition
108-112 Sergienko V.I., Sherstnev M.P.
Chemiluminescence in experimental atherosclerosis and hemosorption
112-115 Miroshnichenko V.P., Zubovskaia A.M., Grigorovich I.A., Demurov E.A., Koloskov I.B.
Changes in the activity of cyclic adenosine monophosphate metabolism enzymes in myocardial hypertrophy and after exposure to hyperbaric oxygenation
115-120 Liapina L.A., Bazaz'ian G.G.
Comparative study of the duration of action of heparin--thromboplastin complex in the bodies of animals maintained on natural and atherogenic diets
120-125 Fedorov V.K., Cheremisina Z.P., Deev A.I., Neugodova G.L., Marzoev A.I.
Determination of phospholipase A2 activity in liver mitochondria using fluorescent dye 1,8-anilinonaphthalene sulfonate
125-129 Formaziuk V.E., Dobretsov G.E., Vladimirov I.A.
Changes in the surface charge of lipoproteins isolated from the plasma of persons with hyperalphalipoproteinemia
129-132 Dolgikh M.S., Blagoveshchenskiĭ V.A., Sergeeva T.I., Novoselova G.N.
Isolation of the theta-hemolysin of Cl. perfringens
133-136 Lankin V.Z., Kotelevtseva N.V.
Oxidation state of membrane phospholipids and activity of the microsomal system of cholesterol hydroxylation in the liver of animals during atherogenesis
136-138 Siatkin S.P.
Modified method for determining protein in samples with high concentrations of lipo- and glycoproteins
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