1969, Volume 15, Issue 4
339-343 Levin G.S.
Changes in antigen content in liver of rats with heliotrin cirrhosis
343-346 Pogosova A.V., Belen'kii E.E.
Orotic acid and purinor effect on protein biosynthesis in compensatory hyperfunction and hypertrophy of the heart
346-351 Stepanova N.G.
NADP-enzymes in normal heart muscle and during experimental myocarditis
351-356 Merkur'eva R.V., Balaba T.Ia., Markova O.N.
Electrophoretic study of mucopolysaccharides after compound fracture
356-363 Kudriashov B.A., Kalishevskaia T.M., Kolomina S.M.
Reverse correlation between the functional state of the anticoagulating blood system and development of a malignant tumor
363-369 Adigamov L.F.
DNAse activity in saliva of normal humans and in some pathological processes
369-373 Geĭtman I.Ya.
Neomycin binding to blood serum proteins
373-377 Boĭko S.S.
Activities of pyruvic and alpha-ketoglutaric acid decarboxylases in heart muscle during myocarditis induced by adrenaline
377-382 Alimova E.K., Sosnitskaia E.N., Shovkun A.G.
Lipid metabolism during infectious hepatitis in children
382-385 Pokrovskiĭ A.A., Korovnikov K.A.
Intracellular localization and function of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes
386-389 Kiul'ian G.M.
Effect of some methylated compounds on the development of vitamin B 12 deficiency
389-393 Nechaeva G.A., Shaliapina V.G.
Some adrenolytics and the acid RNAse activity in mitochondria of large hemisphere tissue
393-395 Lifshits R.I., Kamilov F.Kh.
Effect of some uracil analogues on amino acid incorporation into a liver cell-free system
396-400 Zhulanova Z.I., Kolesnikov E.E., Romantsev E.F.
ATP synthesis and respiration of rat thymus nuclei in normal conditions and under the action of a radioprotector
400-403 Markelova V.F., Liapkov B.G.
Effect of plant oils on cholesterol biosynthesis
404-409 Rozengart V.I., Taranova N.P.
Effect of organic phosphate cholinesterase inhibitors on the content of gangliosides and other lipids in rabbit brain
409-413 Edvabnaia L.S., Stantsslavskiĭ E.S., Sergeev V.V., Vargina A.K.
Structure of lipopolysaccharide from a streptomycin-dependent S. enteritidis mutant
414-418 Byvshuk N.S., Pel'o A.V., Galichenko A.K.
Norepinephrine and epinephrine effect on electrolyte balance in various parts of the central nervous system
418-421 Linitskaia G.L., Bikbulatov R.M.
Hydrolytic enzymes in a cell culture infected by smallpox vaccine virus
422-425 Sodikov E.S., Kazakov K.S.
Transaminase activity and vitamin B6 content of blood and liver during the treatment of experimental tuberculosis by isonicotinic acid hydrozide
425-431 Rozen V.B., Zavadskiĭ P.S.
Activation of transcortin binding ability during the interaction of liver and plasma proteins
431-434 Debov S.S., Del'vig A.A., Mardashev S.R., Pavlova N.A., Rebrov L.B.
Amino acid effect on the exchange of terminal phosphate of ribonucleoside-5-diphosphate catalyzed by polynucleotide phosphorylase
435-439 Khramov V.A., Galaev Yu.V.
Thiosemicarbazide modification of the Firone reaction and its use for carbamide determination
439-443 Rokhlin O.V., Nezlin R.S.
Antigen determination by means of pure antibodies fixed on cellulose
444-447 Karpacheva V.A.
Use of direct spectrophotometry in UV for the determination of vitamin A in blood and liver
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