1969, Volume 15, Issue 2
115-118 Novikova N.G.
Effect of novocaine and its decomposition products on the enzymatic activity of cholinesterase
118-123 Merkur'eva R.V., Balaba T.Ia., Povel'nenko L.A.
Hexosamine and protein-associated hexose content of keloid scars
123-127 Spirichev V.B., Blazheevich N.V., Raskin I.M.
Biochemical diagnosis of vitamin D2 poisoning and treatment with tocopherol acetate
128-132 Mikhaĭlova A.A., Gurvich A.E., Petrov R.V.
Effect of ionizing radiation on antibody and unspecific gamma-globulin synthesis in mouse spleen cells
132-138 Balandin I.G., Lozovskaia L.S., Dobretsov G.E.
Hemagglutinating activity of histones
142-146 Totskiĭ V.N.
Peculiarities of the regulatory effect of adenine nucleotides and other cofactors on the ability of mitochondria to bind exogenous NAD during ontogenesis
147-150 Rozanov A.Ya., Torbinskiĭ A.M.
Effect of some vitamins and cortisone on the oxidation of pyruvate in Walker-256 carcinoma implanted into lung tissue of rats
150-154 Orlov G.E., Gurvich A.E.
Immunization of animals with protein-Sephadex complex for large scale antibody preparation
154-159 Zaĭdenberg M.A.
Effect of novocaine, p-aminobenzoic acid, and diethylaminoethanol on the synthesis of insulin and its polypeptide chains
159-163 Trufanov A.V.
Importance of plasma proteins in the process of vitamin B 12 transfer to the tissues
163-166 Bilalov F.I., Gershenovich Z.S.
Aspartate aminotransferase in brain tumor of mice
166-169 Smirnov M.I., Shchipitsyna L.P.
Effect of toxic doses of vitamin D2 on oxidation and phosphorylation in the kidney mitochondria of normal and adrenalectomized rats in vitro
170-173 Germaniuk I.L., Varga S.V.
Effects of insulin and RNA on ribonucleoside di- and triphosphatases in liver nuclei and mitochondria of rabbits with alloxan-induced diabetes
173-176 Slepenkov I.D.
Changes in the content of some phospholipids in the blood serum of rabbits during starvation
176-181 Leutskiĭ K.M., Meshchishen I.F.
Interrelations of vitamin A, sodium and potassium in protein biosynthesis
181-183 Donchenko G.V.
Effect of phenylalanine administration on liver ubiquinone content in control and vitamin A deficient rats fed cortisone acetate
183-189 Zaikina N.A., Elinov N.P.
Peptidase activity of microbic plasmacoagulase
189-192 Selivanova V.M., Anisova A.A., Gorbunova V.I.
Blood vitamin E content, erythrocyte resistance, and creatinuria as the characteristics for the organism's supply of vitamin E
193-196 Sleptsova L.A., Aksenova N.N.
Advantages of large-scale RNA fractionation on calcium phosphate gel
196-199 Flerov M.A., Vinogradov A.G.
Use of paper chromatography and IR-spectroscopy in study of brain phosphoinositides
200-201 Gorodetskii V.K., Zarubina N.A., Iarol' L.M., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Abnormal sucrose synthesis in man
201-203 Galegov G.A., Terskikh I.I., Karapetian D.K.
Uridine nucleotide synthesis in cells infected by the agent of benign inguinal lymphogranulomatosis
203-204 Vidershain G.Ia., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Fucose splitting from the fragments of group-specific blood substance A+H by enzymatic preparations of alpha-L-fucosidase
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