1967, Volume 13, Issue 5
451-461 Severin S.E.
The main trends in the evolution of human and animal biochemistry in the Soviet Union
461-464 Shestakova S.A.
Effect of "diabetic" serum on respiration and carbohydrate metabolism in leukocytes of rabbit exudate in experimental diabetes
464-471 Paskhina T.S., Shimonaeva E.E.
Some properties of thermolabile trypsin, plasmin and kallikrein inhibitor from rabbit blood serum
471-478 Mirzoian R.A.
Transaminases and isoenzymes of lactate dehydrogenases (LDG) during myocardial micronecrosis of neurogenic nature
478-485 Kuzhman M.I.
The mechanism of phosphorylation and respiration disturbances induced in nerve tissue mitochondria by local anesthesia
485-489 Rusinova G.G., Rogacheva S.A., Libinzon R.E.
DNA uptake by bone-marrow cells in vitro
489-491 Baliabina M.D., Il'in V.S.
Gluconeogenesis in kidney slices of rats with alloxan diabetes
491-498 Bychkov S.M., Khazanova A.I.
Interaction of aminasin and novocain with acid mucopolysaccharides and mucoproteins
498-502 Severin S.E., Tseĭtlin L.A.
Effect of nicotinamide on content of energy rich phosphorus containing compounds in normal heart muscle and during myocarditis
503-507 Rubina K.M., Romanchuk L.A.
Isoenzymes of rat kidney lactate dehydrogenase: chromatographic fractionation on the DEAE-Sephadex and studies on the various properties
508-511 Egorova V.A., Blinova A.I., Seĭts I.F.
Nucleoside phosphorylases in donor blood platelets and in patients with polycythemia and chronic myelosis
511-516 Pokrovskiĭ A.A., Archakov A.I., Gerasimov A.M., Kevichenskiĭ V.M., Lashneva N.V.
Sorbitol dehydrogenase, alanine aminotransferase and phosphohexose isomerase in blood plasma of rats with acute toxic liver destruction
516-522 Mardashev S.R., Voronov A.Ya., Debov S.S.
Effect of phenobarbital and medinal on lysine incorporation in rat liver proteins in vitro
522-530 Kukhanova M.K., Kaverin N.V.
The effect of protein synthesis inhibitor on Krebs II cells infected with EMC virus
530-535 Cherniak N.B.
ATP-ase activity in human platelets
535-538 Sidorenkov I.V., Kolpakova T.I.
Activities of various enzymes of the pentosephosphate cycle during experimental arteriosclerosis induced in various ways
539-543 Bel'chenko D.I.
Significance of blood serum beta-lipoprotein from febrile animals in the regulation of tissue hexokinase activity
544-546 Spirichev V.B., Isaeva V.A.
Changes in transketolase activity during erythrocyte maturation
546-550 Protasova T.N., Korovina E.F.
Proline oxidase activity in animal tissues in the rheumatic process
550-553 Galegov G.A.
Inhibition of RNA-synthesis in Newcastle disease virus (NDV) by amino acids with antimetabolic activity
554-556 Budovskiĭ E.I., Shibaev V.N.
Application of Sephadex gel-filtration to the separation of nucleoside diphosphate sugars from inorganic salts
556-557 Levin F.B.
Isoenzymes of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from J-96 cells: separation and identification by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide
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