1981, Volume 27, Issue 4
435-441 Anikeeva S.P., Shternberg I.M.
Nonesterified fatty acid metabolism in humans during physical loading
441-449 Vel'tishchev Iu.E., Iur'eva E.A., Musaev M.A., Shemanova G.F.
Human phospholipases in health and disease
458-462 Ul'ianov A.M., Liapina L.A., Bazaz'ian G.G., Boneva Zh.S.
Distribution of heparin and its complex compounds in the tissues of animals maintained on an atherogenic diet following intravenous administration of a thromboplastin-heparin complex
469-471 Grek O.R., Dolgov A.V., Morozov A.V.
Serum fatty acid composition of intact rats and rats adapted to hypoxia against a background of exposure to acute hypoxia
471-475 Paskevich I.F., Denisov V.M.
Effect of adrenaline on protein and RNA biosynthesis in different organs of white rats
478-481 Litvinov V.I., Slabnov I.D., Zubairov D.M.
Mechanism of nonenzymatic fibrinolysis
496-500 Slobodin V.B.
Metabolic conversion of pyruvate in the liver in experimental burns
500-503 Levchuk A.A., Bukin I.V., Smirnova K.D., Raushenbakh M.O., Rubtsov I.A.
Effect of L-ascorbic and D-isoascorbic acids on induced formation of tyrosine aminotransferase in rat liver
503-505 Gorodetskiĭ V.K., Isakova Z.S.
Case of endogenous sucrosuria
505-509 Shanygina K.I., Fomina M.P., Parfenova N.S., Kalashnikova N.M.
Changes in the cholesterol metabolism of rats following sympathetic and parasympathetic denervation of the liver
519-523 Ostapenko I.A.
Biochemical disorders in hereditary retinal degeneration: changes in cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity and rhodopsin concentration in the retinas of Campbell rats
527-534 Isachenkov V.A., Krivosheev O.G., Badosov E.P., Nabatchikova N.A.
Extrapituitary localization of luteinizing hormone in rats
534-537 Galaev Iu.V., Chuplygina E.G., Klement'eva T.A.
Immobilization of Citrobacter L-asparaginase in polyacrylamide gel
538-544 Khodarev N.N., Votrin I.I., Debov S.S.
Inhibition of chromatin autolysis in the process of isolating and incubating rat liver cell nuclei
544-547 Gorchakov V.D., Petrunin D.D., Riabova V.L., Evseev N.G., Gofman I.B.
Immunosorption on active carbon
547-552 Kudriashov B.A., Pytel' Iu.A., Liapina L.A., Baskakova G.M.
Insulin-heparin complex, its physiological properties
552-559 Arbuzov V.A., Del'vig A.A.
Interrelation between protein synthesis and nucleo-cytoplasmic transport of messenger RNA in cells of rat livers in different stages of regeneration
560-566 Movshev B.E.
Use of immune sorption to isolate burn toxin
566-568 Dombrovskiĭ V.I., Poverennyĭ A.M.
Method of isolating myoglobin
569-572 Rodionov V.M., Kuz'micheva N.A., Pospelova A.V., Pleskova M.V.
Several approaches to purifying rat liver G2-chalone
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