1984, Volume 30, Issue 1
3-13 Ogloblina O.G.
The role of granulocytic proteinases and their inhibitors in the pathogenesis of nonspecific endobronchitis (review)
13-17 Sharaev P.N.
The role of vitamin K in the metabolism of connective tissue biopolymers (review)
17-20 Tsaritsidze M.A., Lomsadze B.A., Shengeliia M.G.
Characteristic of the sites of benz(a)pyrene binding with lysosomal membranes
20-24 Folomeev V.F.
Characteristics of thiol metabolism in animals in extreme thyroxine loading
25-28 Shepotinovskiĭ V.I., Mikashinovich Z.I.
Metabolic changes in blood cells in various forms of ischemic heart disease
29-32 Khakimov Z.Z., Krakovskiĭ M.E., Inoiatova F.Kh.
Functional state of the rat liver mitochondria in acute kidney failure
32-34 Atakhanova B.A., Kadyrova D.A., Turakulov Ia.Kh., Il'iasov Sh.Sh.
Determination of the ratio of membrane-bound and free polyribosomes and of the content of thyroglobulin in these fractions in normal thyroid gland cells and in several types of thyroid diseases
34-37 Merkur'eva R.V., Ozolinia A.Zh., Astakhova L.F., Dolinskaia S.I., Bektemirova R.M.
Correlation between the changes in the functional state of enzyme and hormonal systems of the mature rat
37-41 Isanin N.A., Rozenberg O.A., Shcherbakov L.M., Khanson K.P., Davidenkova E.F.
Comparative organ distribution of various sizes of liposomes during their intravenous administration
42-44 Gulyĭ M.F., Dvornikova P.D., Taran T.T., Fanak N.M.
Effect of carbostimulin on reparative osteogenesis in rabbits of different ages
44-48 Kondrashova O.B., Tsyrlov I.B.
Peptide mapping of membrane-bound monooxygenases
48-51 Azhitskiĭ G.Yu., Sharaeva T.K., Khirsa L.N., Troitskiĭ G.V.
Isolation and use of stable borate-polyol pH gradients in the range of 1.9-12.0 for isoelectric focusing of proteins and low-molecular compounds
52-55 Krylov V.I., Olekhnovich V.M., Sorozin V.P., Zhogin S.V.
Indicators of phospholipase activity, lipid peroxidation and antioxidants in bronchial secretions from children with bronchopulmonary diseases
55-59 Sergeev A.V.
Effect of vitamin A deficiency in mice on the formation of specific cytolytic T-lymphocytes
60-64 Goroshinskaia I.A., Ananian A.A., Bronovitskaia Z.G., Shugaleĭ V.S.
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in rat serum in hyperoxia, hypoxia, and cooling
64-66 Baskova I.P., Mosolov V.V., Nikonov G.I., Cherkesova D.U.
Antitryptic and antichymotryptic activity of salivary gland secretions and intestinal contents of the medical leech Hirudo medicinalis
66-72 Burlakova E.B., Kaĭrane C.B., Molochkina E.M., Khokhlov A.P.
Changes in external membrane lipids of the mouse liver mitochondria and kinetic parameters of membrane-bound monoaminoxidase in vivo and in vitro
72-74 Prokopenko P.G., Borisenko S.A., Tatarinov I.S.
Isolation and physico-chemical characteristics of human cancerocerebral antigen
75-77 Akopian A.S., Promyslov M.Kh.
Brain monoamine oxidase in craniocerebral trauma
77-82 Preobrazhenskaia M.E., Minakova A.L.
Comparative study of the alpha-glucosidase activity of lymphocytes and granulocytes of human peripheral blood
82-86 Kudriashov B.A., Pastorova V.E., Bazaz'ian G.G., Liapina L.A.
Effect of multiple intravenous injections of heparin on the content of antithrombin III in healthy animals and experimental atherosclerosis
87-96 Paskhina T.S., Nartikova V.F., Egorova T.P., Gorbeshko T.P.
Characteristics of the kallikreins in healthy and malignant (adenocarcinoma) mucous membrane of the human large intestine
96-103 Arkhapchev I.P., Sergeev I.N., Blazheevich N.V., Spirichev V.B., Linberg L.F.
Metabolism of 3H-25-oxycholecalciferol in rats with experimental fracture of the femur
104-108 Tsagikian T.A., Frolova I.A., Paramonova E.G.
Status of the kallikrein-kinin system of the blood in young and middle-aged patients with ischemic heart disease
108-112 Berman A.E., Bychkova V.V., Morozevich G.E., Mazurov V.I.
Characteristics of collagen preparations labelled in vitro by 14C-acetic anhydrides. Their use for the determination of collagenase activity and as radioactive markers
112-118 Kagan V.E., Smirnov A.V., Savov V.M., Gorkin V.Z.
Peroxidation of lipids in mitochondrial membranes, induced by enzymatic deamination of biogenic amines
119-121 Meerson F.Z., Lifant'ev V.I., Malyshev V.V.
Prevention of functional impairments of cardiac muscle mitochondria in emotional-painful stress
122-126 Degtiar' V.G., Miloserdov Iu.V., Kushlinskii N.E.
Quantitative determination of proteins in the cytosol fractions of human and rat sex steroids after precipitation with protamine sulfate
126-128 Mojseenok A.G., Slyshenkov V.S., Sunozova E.V., Gurinovich V.A.
Quantitative gas chromatographic determination of pantolactone
128-130 Karpova E.A., Gorodetskiĭ V.K.
Synthesis of fructosyl-glycine
131-132 Khomich T.I., Voskoboev A.I., Chernikevich I.P., Moĭseenok A.G.
Radiometric method of determining ATP: D-pantothenate-4'-phosphotransferase activity
133-136 Smirnova I.P., Siatkin S.P., Berezov T.T.
Spectrophotometric micromethod to determine L-lysine-alpha-oxidase activity
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