1999, Volume 45, Issue 3
187-199 Gervaziev Yu.V., Sokolov N.N.
Mechanisms regulation activity of nitric oxide synthase by calmodulin: a reveiw
200-205 Zelenin A.V.
Gene therapy of vascular diseases
206-214 Laktionov P.P., Bryksin A.V., Rykova E.Yu., Amirchanov N. V., Vlasov V. V.
Pharmacokinetic sand stability of phosphodiester and phosphorothioate 3`end modified oligonucleotides inthe blood in vivo: a comparative study
216-222 Voitenko N.N., Barykina N.N., Kolpakov V.G.
Brain monoamine oxidase in ageing of rats genetically predisposed to pendulum movement
223-226 Yulaev M.F., Ahunova A.M.
Some properties of exogenic phospolipase A2 producing by fungus Paecilomyces viridis
227-231 Lishmanov Yu.B., Naryznaya N.V., Maslov L.N.
Effect of enkephalins on the synthesis of myocardial proteins during acute cold exposure
232-237 Korovkin B.F., Belayeva N.F., Kraevoy C.A., Golubev M.A., Gorodetsky V.K., Markova M.S., Kolchenko O.L.
Variation of fructose 2.6-bisphosphate content in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with diabetes mellitus
238-245 Winokurov A.A., Alabovsky V.V., Cragoe E.J.
Importance of iontransporting sarcolemmal systems in loss of amino acids duringc a depletion and myocardial damage during the calcium paradox
246-249 Devyatkina T. A., Lutsenko R. V., Vazhnichaya E. M., Smirnov L. D.
The influence of mexidol and its structural components on carbohydrate contentand lipid peroxidation during acute stress
250-255 Bendelic E.C., Kost O.A., Dotsenko V.L., Neshkova E.A., Moshetova L.K., Yarovaya G.A.
Angiotensin converting enzyme activity and its role in the pathogenesis of hydrodynamics and hemodynamics disturbances after contusion injury of the eye
256-262 Belous A.R., Ramamoothy S., Blakely R.D., Factor M.I., Lozier R.Y., Dupin A.M., Bechiashvili A.G., Brusov O.S., Morozova M.A.
Loss of serotonin transporter immunoreactive 43-kDa protein in platelets from patients with somatoform disorders correlates with depressive symptoms
263-272 Sirota T.V.
A new approach to the investigation of adrenaline autooxidation and its application for determination of superoxide dismutase activity
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