1990, Volume 36, Issue 2
2-5 Sorkina D.A.
Molecular basis of the origin of serum albumin (review of the literature)
5-10 Denisenko T.V.
Glycosylated lipoproteins as atherogenic factor in diabetes (review of the literature)
10-12 Karagezian K.G., Ovsepian L.M., Adonts K.G.
Oxidative processes and phospholipid metabolism in hepatocyte membranes during alloxan diabetes
12-14 Kalmykova I.B., Zaichenko O.B., Sadykov E.S., Barabanshchikova N.A., Iukel'son L.Ya.
Blood coagulating properties of the copperhead agkisrodon halys halys venom and its thrombin-like fractions
14-18 Sharapov V.I., Grek O.R., Zykov A.A.
The effect of alphalphalpha-tocopherol and lidocaine on the structural-functional rearrangement of liver endoplasmic reticulum membranes after induction with phenobarbital in the postischemic period
18-19 Dolmatova L.S.
The effect of indomethacin on the activity of Na+,K+- and HCO3-atpases and prostaglandin levels in the rat ileum mucosa after exposure to cholera exotoxin
20-22 Korneva A.M., Shanskaia A.I., Beliaeva Yu.N.
The effect of infusion of the lipid emulsion infuzolipol on the structural-functional properties of erythrocyte membranes in rats with toxic liver damage
22-24 Mishunina T.M.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid level and glutamate decarboxylase activity in the plasma of healthy persons
24-27 Kuznetsov I.G., Rasulov M.M., Akabirov A.A., Suslova S.K., Voronkov M.G.
1-ethoxysilatrane: ulcerostatic effect and its possible mechanisms
28-29 Gontar' I.P., Sycheva G.F., Emel'ianova O.I.
The use of immobilized granulated G-actin with magnetic properties in patients and experimental animals
30-33 Kaminskaia G.O., Blonskaia G.Yu., Gedymin L.E.
The effect of antioxidants on the balance of proteinase-inhibitors system in the respiratory space of mice with pulmonary tuberculosis
33-35 Varbanets V.F.
Activity of proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors in large intestine tumors
35-37 Bakunts K.A., Gevorkian M.G., Tazulakhova E.B., Zakharian R.A., Ershov F.I.
The effect of high molecular weight interferon inducers (dsRNA) on virus adsorption
37-39 Stepaniants R.I., Mukhamedieva S.G., Li M.A., Sultanova E.M., Kazakov I.I., Salikhov S.I.
Methods of diagnosis and correction of endogenous intoxication in obstetrical suppurative-inflammatory diseases
39-41 Bozhkov A.I., Gopkalov V.G., Skliar A.I., Shereshevskaia T.M., Asadova M.K.
The effect amniocen preparation on nucleic acid metabolism in rat liver cells
41-45 Galian S.L., Byshevskii A.Sh., Shafer V.M., Solov'ev V.S., Ibragimova S.N.
Changes in the blood coagulation in surgical trauma and exogenous thromboplastinemia during administration of vitamins
45-46 Skurygin V.P., Elizarova E.P., Kurennaia G.S., Baldenkov G.N.
Adenylate cyclase system of synaptosomes from the rat cerebral cortex during acute stress
47-49 Kengsepp A.T., Tiakhepyld L.Ya.
Comparative characteristics of the distribution and various properties of Na,K-ATPase from human and rat gastric mucosa
49-50 Davletov E.G., El'chaninova S.A., Rozen V.B., Smirnova O.V.
Changes in the testosterone levels in the serum and androgen receptor levels in the liver during experimental burns in immature rats
50-52 Noskov S.M.
Negative consequences of enterosorption in rheumatoid arthritis
52-53 Sirota T.V., Utesheva Zh.A.
The effect of mitochondrial Ca 2+-transporting Ca 2+-binding glycoprotein on development of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma
53-55 Zinkevich O.D., Safina N.A., Kharrasov A.F., Mingazova A.Kh.
The effect of fibronectin preparations on the chemiluminescence of neutrophils
55-61 Meerson F.Z., Sazontova T.G., Arkhipenko Yu.V.
Adaptation to short-term stressor factors increases calcium pump activity in sarcoplasmic reticulum and decreases the rate of its inactivation during autolysis
61-65 Mamutov Zh.I.
The effect of thymosin and dietary factors on the phospholipid composition and intensity of lipid peroxidation in the liver, spleen, bone marrow, and lymphocytes of thymectomized rats
65-68 Nikitina E.K., Abrosimenkova N.N., Rebrov L.B.
Changes in rat skeletal muscle actin during postmortem autolysis
68-71 Mal'tsev G.Yu., Krzhechkovskaia V.V., Marokko I.N., Gapparov M.M.
Turnover of liver hemoproteins in guinea pigs with various resistance to hexenal after peroral sensitization
71-75 Rebrova G.A., Romakov Yu.A., Denisov-Nikol'skii Yu.I., Mikhalev A.P.
Characteristics of elastin from the wall of human large arteries during treatment with formaldehyde
75-79 Arutiunian E.E., Gruber I.M., Poliachenko V.M., Nikol'skaia I.I., Debov S.S.
The method of isolation of Sau 6782-type methylases
80-82 Matsul' V.M., Kargapolov A.V.
The use horizontal flow chromatography for the isolation of phosphatidyl inositols from various tissues
83-86 Geling N.G.
Methodological approaches to evaluation of prostaglandin synthesis by isolated human thrombocytes
86-88 Miller Yu.I., Yushko E.G., Dobretsov G.E., Krasovitsky B.M., Aĭdyraliev R.K.
Fluorescent method of determination of serum albumin in hyperbilirubinemia
88-91 Kostiuk V.A., Potapovich A.I., Kovaleva Zh.V.
A simple and sensitive method of determination of superoxide dismutase activity based on the reaction of quercetin oxidation
91-93 Zhabin S.G., Zorin N.A., Zaĭtseva S.V.
Immunoelectrophoretic identification of proteins separated by zonal electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing
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