1988, Volume 34, Issue 6
2-11 Sokolovsky V.V.
Thiol antioxidants in molecular mechanisms of nonspecific reaction of the body to exposure to extreme factors (review of the literature)
11-16 Anikeeva S.P.
Organ-specific characteristics of metabolism of ketone bodies in tissues (review of the literature)
16-23 Ovchinnikova L.N.
Natural modulators of amine oxidases (review of the literature)
23-26 Kovalishin Ya.F., Nikolaev V.G., Baran E.Ya., Dudar' I.A., Yushko L.A.
Study of middle molecular weight fraction in the plasma of patients with uremia using high performance liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography
27-30 Bankova V.V., Nikanorova T.M., Poliakov S.D., Tagieva T.A.
Degradation of malonic dialdehyde in erythrocytes and its age-, seasonal- and circadian-dependent changes
30-32 Abakumov G.Z., Novitskii G.K., Legon'kova L.F.
The role of lipid peroxidation in the pathogenesis of viral hepatitis
32-36 Faradzhev A.N.
The effect of starvation on GABA-transaminase and glutamate decarboxylase activity on mitochondria of dog limbic structures during postnatal ontogenesis
36-39 Golikov P.P., Nikolaeva N.Yu., Spiridonov I.V., Skliarevskiĭ V.V.
Glucocorticoid receptors of the liver and blood lymphocytes in acute cholecystitis
40-45 Shishkin V.I., Kudriavtseva G.V., Makarov S.A.
Pentose phosphate pathway of carbohydrate metabolism in various systemic diseases of the connective tissue
46-49 Akopov S.E., Mkhitarian G.S., Nikogosian G.A., Gabrielian E.S.
Mechanisms of changes in the sensitivity of platelets to prostacyclin in patients with cerebrovascular diseases
49-53 Apukhovskaia L.I., Antonenko L.V., Kholodova Yu.D., Voziian P.A., Solodova E.V.
Structural properties and lipid-binding characteristics of plasma fibrinogen and gamma-globulins in vitamin D-deficient rickets
53-57 Dobrotina N.A., Kopytova T.V., Berezina M.A.
Various mechanisms of immune homeostasis in myocardial infarction
57-60 Shapiro F.B., Ul'ianov A.M.
The effect of insulin on the initial stages of heparin clearance
60-64 Riabinin V.E., Nalimov A.G., Lifshits R.I.
Effect of thermal injury and middle molecular weight peptides on plasma chemiluminescence
64-71 Panasiuk E.N., Kuz'mak N.I.
In vivo effect of L-thyroxine on carbohydrate content of glycoproteins in subcellular fractions of the rat liver
71-76 Filanovskaia L.I., Blinov M.N., Togo A.V., Klubovskaia N.I., Burmistrova E.V.
Degradation of purines in leukocytes in acute nonlymphoblastic leukemias
76-81 Nikitina Z.K., Rebrov L.B.
Structural and functional changes in myosin from rat skeletal muscles during postmortem autolysis
82-86 Babarykin D.A., Smiltnieks E.Kh., Valinietse M.Yu., Bauman V.K.
24,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 modulates the effect of 1alpha-hydroxyvitamin D3 on B lymphocyte maturation in chickens
86-89 Ananenko A.A., Malinovskaia V.V., Klembovskiĭ A.I., Politova L.N., Pertseva N.G., Zvereva V.I., Fedyushkina N.A.
Lipid peroxidation in experimental viral infection and the effect on it of interferons and alphalphalpha-tocopherol
89-94 Dotsenko V.L., Nenasheva N.M., Neshkova E.A., Morozova N.A., Iarovaia G.A.
The mechanism of activation of kallikrein-kinin system in the plasma of patients with atopic allergic diseases
94-98 Baskaeva E.M., Diatlovitskaia E.V., Vidershaĭn G.Ya.
Isolation and identification of products of accumulation in Fabry disease
98-100 Tsyrul'nikova L.G., Logunov A.I.
Dynamics of serotonin and pyridoxal levels in the blood or rats with experimental inflammation after loading with amino acids
100-104 Kaminskaia G.O., Stepanian I.E., Zhukova N.L.
The state of the protease-inhibitor system in the bronchoalveolar lavage of patients with diffuse lung diseases
104-109 Meerson F.Z., Tverdokhlib V.P., Nikonorov A.A.
Prevention of atherogenic dislipoproteinemias and metabolic disorders in the liver in emotional-pain stress
109-113 Likhodii S.S., Likhodii S.S., Sibel'dina L.A., Semenova N.A.
The effect of verapamil on the dynamics of decrease in the brain levels of phosphorus macroergs during ischemia studied by 31P-NMR in vivo
113-117 Adylova A.T., Atakhanova B.A.
Stimulation with triiodothyronine of the synthesis of DNA, total proteins, nuclear proteins and nuclear matrix proteins in cultured cells of hepatoma Morris 7777
117-122 Lisakovskii S.V., Volodina T.V., Kozel'tsev V.L.
Changes in human skeletal muscle proteins during autolysis studied by two-dimensional electrophoresis
122-128 Kravchenko L.V., Kuz'mina E.E., Sobolev V.S.
Comparative characteristics of microsomal epoxide hydrolase in the rat liver and small intestine mucosa
128-132 Klebanov G.I., Babenkova I.V., Teselkin Yu.O., Komarov O.S., Vladimirov Yu.A.
The role of activation of polymorphic nuclear leukocytes in the development of experimental uveitis
133-136 Isachenkov V.A., Vakulina O.P., Tomilin V.A.
Immunosorption method of urokinase determination
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