1993, Volume 39, Issue 2
2-6 Roslyĭ I.M.
Biochemical aspects of the pathogenesis of generalized meningococcal infection
6-13 Meerson F.Z., Kopylov Yu.N.
The role of the inositol phosphate cycle in the cardioprotective effect of adaptation to repeated stressors
13-15 Sukhanova G.A., Potanova G.V., Narbutovich S.A.
Activity of 5'-nucleotidase from thymus and tumors upon administering bradykinin to tumor-bearing mice
15-19 Demidova V.S., Marchuk A.I., Riapolova I.V., Kozinets G.I., Karelin A.A.
Synthesis of cell membrane "signal" ATP in human erythrocyte membranes stimulated by insulin as criteria of the efficacy of therapeutic plasmapheresis
19-21 Puzach S.S., Gorbach Z.V.
The role of a cosubstrate in the kinetic mechanism of action of mollusk thiaminase I
21-23 Fomenko A.I., Parkhomets P.K., Donchenko G.V., Stepanenko S.P.
Interaction of NAD with the GABA-ergic system of the rat brain
23-25 Demchuk M.L., Medvedev A.E., Promyslov M.Sh., Gorkin V.Z.
Lipid peroxidation processes and activity of brain succinate dehydrogenase in experimental craniocerebral trauma
25-27 Platonov I.A.
The effect of edematous factors on the blood protein system during development of cerebral edema and swelling
28-30 Voĭtenko N.N.
Brain monoamine oxidase in aging wild Norway rats, chosen for lack of aggressive behavior toward humans
30-33 Sdvigova A.G., Panasenko O.M., Luk'iashchenko V.I., Sergienko V.I., Lopukhin Iu.M.
Correction of lipoprotein lipid peroxidation in experimental atherosclerosis with polyunsaturated fatty acids combined with antioxidants
33-35 Oleinik I.A., Denisenko A.D., Mirchuk K.K., Sedletskii Iu.I., Lozovskii V.T., Vasil'eva L.E., Tryufanov V.F.
Level of lipids and apolipoproteins in obesity
35-36 Stroev E.A., Chugunova L.G., Dubinina I.I.
Activity of lysosomal enzymes in diabetes mellitus patients along with diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland
36-37 Karandashova G.F., Krupitskiĭ E.M., Petrov V.N., Nikitina Z.S., Grinenko A.Ya.
Study of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) concentration in blood plasma of alcoholism patients
38-40 Chernikevich I.P., Dorofeev B.F., Moĭseenok A.G.
Possible ways of regulating detoxifying processes in the alcohol dehydrogenase reaction with pantothenic acid derivatives
40-42 Vernigora A.N., Gengin M.T.
The effect of alcohol consumption on carboxypeptidase N activity in rat brain during chronic emotional-painful stress
43-45 Gribanov G.A., Il'iashenko D.V.
Lipids from gray and white rat brain matter in autolysis
45-48 Pereslegina I.A., Zhukova E.A., Belentsova L.A., Antipina Zh.V.
Antioxidant components of erythrocytes and digestive secretions in childhood gastroduodenal diseases
48-50 Volkov E.Yu.
Level of certain carbohydrate components in blood serum and urine of patients at extensive periods since suturing for perforated gastroduodenal ulcers
50-55 Karsanov N.V., Gogiashvili L.E., Selikhova E.V.
Effect of NAD and cytochrome C on the energy supply system and ultrastructure of cardiomyocytes in toxic-allergic myocarditis
55-57 Gussakovskiĭ E.E., Garshinina A.V., Bondyreva E.Yu., Khodzhaev Sh.Kh.
The role of oligomeric structure of human serum albumin during its interaction with polyalbumin receptors in blood serum of patients with viral hepatitis B
57-58 Almatov K.T., Obidkhonov M.
Phospholipid composition of rabbit liver mitochondria in moderately severe tracheal stenosis
58-62 Uvarov V.D., Shepelev A.P., Poliakov V.M.
Induction of Ca2+-dependent chemiluminescent response of peritoneal macrophages with bacterial lipopolysaccharides
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