1993, Volume 39, Issue 1
2-9 Sologub L.I., Pashkovskaia I.S., Sukhorskaia I.E., Antoniak G.L.
Plasminogen activators and their function
9-13 Iogannsen M.G., Petrov A.S., Kachurin A.M.
Aminopyrazolone free radicals in the hydrogen peroxide oxidation reaction
13-15 Panin L.E., Russkikh G.S., Atuchina N.V., Tret'iakova T.A.
The cooperative effect of hydrocortisone, adrenaline, and high density lipoproteins in regulating the activity of multiple forms of liver hexokinase
16-18 Riabinin V.E., Lifshits R.I.
Change in insulin level in thermal and combined radiation-thermal injuries and insulin-modulating effect of the activity of middle molecular weight peptides in blood
18-20 Palamarchuk V.I., Nikolaenko N.I.
The effect of vitamin D on differentiation of hematopoietic cells, lymphocyte content, and other bone marrow cells and peripheral blood in mice
20-22 Kudriashov B.A., Ul'ianov A.M., Tarasov Iu.A.
Prophylactic effect of vitamin A, neutralizing the development of experimental insulin-dependent diabetes in animals
22-25 Skurygin V.P., Davydov V.V.
Systems for regulating the level of Ca2+, cyclic nucleotides, and reverse absorption of neurotransmitters in isolated nerve endings of the rat brain during development of myocardial infarct
25-29 Trishkin S.V., Kuznetsov V.A., Vinnitskaia K.B.
Assessment of the activity of choline acetyltransferase in heart tissues
29-31 Karapetian R.G., Oganesian S.S., Akopian T.N., Dzhanpoladian E.G.
Activity of proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors in experimental myocardial ischemia
32-34 Gurevich V.S., Moiseeva O.M., Mikhaĭlova I.A., Roĭ A.Yu.
Activity of transporting ATPase and functional properties of blood cells in patients with hypertension
34-37 Selevich M.I., Gorenshtein B.I., Ostrovsky Yu.M.
Lipid fractions of rat liver upon administration of ethanol and ethanolamine
37-41 Taran Yu.P., Shishkina L.N.
Effect of 6-methyluracil on various indicators of the lipid peroxidation regulation system in the body
41-43 Bozhkov A.I., Krasnopol'skii Iu.M., Asadova M.K., Mogilianskaia S.M., Dlubovskaia V.L., Menzeleev R.F.
The effect of exogenous lipids on the functional activity of the liver in experimental hepatitis
43-45 Polevshikov A.V., Nazarov P.G., Berestovaia L.K.
The effect of C-reactive protein on RNA synthesis and neutrophil proteins
45-47 Lukasheva E.V., Vesa V.S., Berezov T.T.
Comparative physico-chemical study of L-lysine-alpha-oxidase from surface and fermenter growth Trichoderma sp
48-49 Parkhomets V.P., Chopik N.G., Kop'ev O.V., Vasil'eva I.G.
Change in plasma fatty acid level in experimental mild craniocerebral injury
49-52 Teitel'baum A.E., Pron'ko P.S., Satanovskaia V.I., Ostrovskii Iu.M.
Diagnostic effectiveness of determining the activity of certain serum enzymes in alcoholism patients
52-54 Pereslegina I.A., Antipina Zh.V., Pletneva N.B., Mochalova I.R., Zhukova E.A., Belentsova L.A.
Superoxide-removing activity of gastric juice in gastroduodenal diseases
55-56 Volkov E.Yu.
Level of certain carbohydrate components in blood serum and urine of patients stomach and duodenal ulcer patients in the late post-vagotomy period
56-58 Kozlov Yu.A., Shevtsova N.M., Pleshko R.I., Kurlov O.V., Baĭkov A.N., Novitskiĭ V.V.
Status of nucleoprotein synthesis in hematopoietic organs in mice with primary hypothyroidism
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