1998, Volume 44, Issue 4
317-330 Titov V.N.
Blockade of saturated fatty acids transport to a cell : pathogenesis of essential hypertension
331-337 Pozmogova G.E., Knorre D.G.
Protein and peptide constructions for DNA and oligonucleotide delivery in cell
338-346 Mikhailova A.G., Evtyukova N. G., Chupova L.A., Rumsh L.D.
Inhibitor of enteropeptidase and trypsin from bovine duodenum
347-352 Grishin A.V., Gerasimovskaya E.V., Starikova M.G., Panchenko M. P., Nickashin A. V., Tkachuk V. A.
Interaction of b 1 subunit of G proteins with actin cytoskeleton
353-361 Maksimenko A. V., Tischenko E. G., Golubykh V. L.
Antithrombotic activity of complexes between superoxide dismutase and chondroitinsulfate at the arterial injury in rats
362-368 Maksimenko A.V., Tischenko E.G., Golubykh V.L.
Antithrombotic action of catalase and chondroitin sulfate derivatives at the arterial injury in rats
369-375 Shumyantseva V.V., Avdeenko Yu.L., Moskvitina T.L., Bulko T. V., Osipov A.N., Archakov A. I.
Hydrogen peroxide- supported oxidation of substrates by flavocytochrome 2B4.
376-379 Saprykina E.V., Kozlov Y. A., Sosnina N.V., Baikov A.N., Novitsky V.V.
The study of phospholipid synthesis in liver of mice with alloxan diabetes
380-383 Dolomatov S.I., Pishak V.P., Slipenyuk T.S., Meschishen I.F., Okopnaya T.V.
Erythrocyte abilities to deposite the thyroid hormones : regulatory role of physico- chemical factors in vitro
384-387 Smirnova I.P., Diorditsa S.V., Alekceev S.B., Zaitsev I.Z.
Influence of L-lysin-a-oxidase on the reproduction of herpes simplex virus type 1 in vitro
388-392 Arefeva I.A., Demchuk M.L., Artaryan A.A., Mirsadykov D.A., Promyslov M.Sh.
Study of free radical and lipid peroxidation processes in liquor of infants with hydrocephalus
393-398 Rosliy I.M., Labovskaya I.G., Tsygankov B.D.
Biochemical characteristics of the blood from patients with febrile psychoses
399-404 Selkov S.A., Khokhlov P.P.
A new method for isolation and purification of pregnancy associated protein PAPP-a from retroplacental serum
405-411 Gilinsky M.A., Faibushevish A. A., Lunte C.E.
An imroved technique of microdialysis sampling and HPLC-ED analysis of the rat myocardiae norepinephrine
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