1990, Volume 36, Issue 1
2-7 Lisniak I.A.
The nature of angiogenic factors (review of the literature)
7-13 Riabinin V.E., Lifshits R.I.
The state and possible mechanisms of impairment of oxygen-dependent processes in burns (review of the literature)
13-18 Baskaeva E.M.
Genetic complementation in the study of mechanisms of inborn errors of metabolism in man (review of the literature)
19-23 Iakushev V.S., Kuripka V.I., Belokon' L.E., Mironova E.V., Krisanova N.V., Davydov V.V., Skurygin V.P.
Changes in the levels of somatotropin and cyclic nucleotides and the state of protein metabolism in the brain and myocardium during stress as well as in myocardial necrosis following stress
23-27 Grando S.A., Glukhen'kii B.T., Kostromin A.P., Boiko Iu.Ia., Kutsenko N.S., Korostash T.A.
The role of kallikrein-kinin system components in the pathogenesis of bullous skin lesions in pemphigus and pemphigoid
27-31 Iusupova D.V., Bening G.P., Sokolova R.B., Fedorov R.V.
Deoxyribonuclease from Corynebacterium diphtheriae: dynamics of synthesis and properties
31-33 Nikolaevskiĭ V.V., Iurkova O.F., Ivanov I.K., Gerzhikova V.G.
The effect of plant aromatic substances on the activity of various enzymes in the rat blood and liver
33-37 Bogdarin Yu.A., Badeĭnova E.N.
The effect of alimentary hypercholesterolemia on the level of lipids and essential fatty acids in rabbit enterohepatic circulation
37-39 Grinio L.P.
Human embryonal muscles in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
39-41 Sal'nikova L.A., Musatova N.V., Lopatina N.I.
Activity of antioxidative enzymes and lipid peroxidation in erythrocytes of children with diabetes mellitus
42-45 Fil'chenkov G.N.
Association of 3H-dexamethasone with cytoplasmic receptor proteins and their translocation into liver cell nuclei during aging
45-47 Alekseeva A.E., Potapkina T.A., Prozorovskiĭ V.N.
Antipeptide antibodies specific for the N-terminal site of lactate dehydrogenase from swine muscle
47-50 Krylova S.M., Stafeeva O.A., Savitskiĭ A.P., Dikov M.M., Ermolin G.A.
Solid phase fluorescence immunoassay of digitoxin
50-51 Karagezian K.G., Kvitnitskiĭ-Ryzhov Yu.A., Ovsepian L.M., Pogosian A.Yu., Stepanova L.V.
Brain glycolipids in experimental brain edema
51-54 Izotov M.V., Shcherbakov V.M., Koen Ya.M., Devichenskiĭ V.M., Spiridonova S.M., Lugovaia L.V., Benediktova S.A.
The role of secondary metabolism in formation of benz(a)pyrene dihydrodiol profile in microsome membranes
54-57 Drozdov A.Z., Anokhina I.P.
Activity of tyrosine hydroxylase and monoamine oxidase in human platelets during alcoholism
58-60 Pimenov A.A., Rakhmilevich A.L., Deev V.V., Kirillova I.V., Migdal T.L., Andronova T.M., Fuks B.B.
Activation of cellular immunity in mice under normal conditions and in tumor growth during treatment with glucosaminyl muramyl dipeptide
60-62 Galkin B.N., Barinov V.A., Tiunov L.A., Filippova T.O., Ivanova V.A., Golovenko N.Ya., Litvinova L.A.
The effect of tilorone on peroxidation systems and antiperoxidation defense under normal conditions and in hypoxia
63-65 Vitvitskiĭ V.N., Timonin A.V.
14C-adenine incorporation into neurons and glia of the cerebral cortex of rats after hypoxia and transplantation of embryonal nerve tissue
65-67 Sokolov N.N., Fitsner A.B., Samko O.T., Khoroshutina E.B., Kalugin A.K.
The effect of monovalent cations on the activity of site-specific endonuclease PaeII
67-69 Tsyb A.F., Vashchenkova I.I., Kabakov A.E., Vapniar V.V., Mukhamedzhanov I.Kh., Podgorodnichenko V.K.
Fibronectin from the lymph of healthy persons
69-72 Fedotov V.P., Baranova I.N., Gudoshnikov V.I.
The effect of dibutyryl derivatives of cyclic nucleotides on albumin production in a primary culture of rat liver cells
73-75 Alekseeva A.E., Potapkina T.A., Prozorovskiĭ V.N.
Selective interaction of antipeptide antibodies to N-terminal site of lactate dehydrogenase-5 from swine muscle with various isoforms of human lactate dehydrogenase
75-78 Dolgikh V.T.
Prevention with inderal of post-resuscitation impairment of metabolism in heart and brain tissues
78-81 Zeĭnalov T.A., Gorkin V.Z.
Characteristics of changes in amine oxidase activity during pesticide poisoning
82-84 Silaeva S.A., Khatsernova B.Ya., Golenchenko V.A., Berchenko G.N., Nikolaev A.Ya., Shekhter A.B.
Synthesis of nucleic acids and dynamics of morphological indices of the granulation tissue of skin wounds in rats treated with 4-methyluracil
84-87 Soltitskaia L.P., Balashov N.V., Soltitskiĭ V.V.
Properties of adenylate cyclase system in heart muscle and aorta of rats with experimental renal hypertension
87-90 Kozhemiakin L.A., Shelepina E.P., Antonov V.G.
Xanthine oxidase activity of thymocytes in lymphocytolytic effect of hypoxanthine
90-93 Sokolov B.P., Sher B.M., Kozlov E.A., Tsvetkova T.A., Rudakov S.S., Del'vig A.A., Kalinin V.N.
Structural characteristics of collagens from the skin and rib cartilage of patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type II
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