1991, Volume 37, Issue 4
2-10 Gribanov G.A.
Characteristics of the structure and biological role of lysophospholipids
11-12 Denisenko V.A., Gorbach Z.V.
Kidney sorbitol dehydrogenase: kinetic mechanism
12-14 Barleben Kh., Vagenknekht K., Iung K., Iunker L., Khaĭne Kh.
Protein metabolism in patients with atherosclerosis using a 15(N) isotope
15-18 Rabinovich P.D., Guzachev A.A.
Various features of the formation and secretion of bile acids in spontaneous atherosclerosis
18-20 Efetov K.A., Troitskiĭ G.V., Efetov S.V.
Stability of serum immunoglobulin conformation in various tumors
20-23 Kozyreva E.A., Zhordaniya K.I., Bassalyk L.S., Vasil'ev A.V.
Proteolytic lysosomal enzymes in ovarian cancer
23-25 Nadiradze Z.O., Shmal'ko Iu.P., Gachechiladze A.G.
Biochemical characteristics of the brain mediator systems during stimulation of metastasis from surgical removal of a tumor
25-28 Kirkel' A.Z., Tishchenko L.A., Aksenova L.N., Pekkel' V.A., Gorkin V.Z.
Comparative characteristics of membrane bound and cytoplasmic monoamine oxidases in human placenta
28-31 Voĭtenko N.N., Popova N.K.
Brain monoamine oxidase during aging
31-33 Khvatova E.M., Semenova T.S.
Regulation of the activity of brain cytoplasmic creatine kinase by pyridine nucleotides
33-37 Gomazkov O.A., Panfilov A.D., Rostovtsev A.P., Komissarova N.V., Fomin V.V., Grigor'iants O.O.
Regional activity of enkephalin- and angiotensin II-forming peptidases in the rat brain and other peripheral tissues with different craving for ethanol
37-40 Agaev T.M., Gafulova A.D.
The effect of early visual deprivation on the level of N-acetyl-1-asparaginic acid and the activity of phosphate-activated glutaminase in visual analyzer structures and various regions of the dog cerebral cortex and cerebellum
40-43 Kudriashov B.A., Ul'ianov A.M.
Stable reduction of endogenous insulin production in the body in experimental insulin-dependent diabetes
43-45 Panin L.E., Luk'ianov I.V., Khramtsova L.A., Nikiforovskaia L.F.
Pancreatic glycosaminoglycans in acute pancreatitis
45-48 Lobov V.V., Konvaĭ V.D.
Disruption of carbohydrate metabolism regulation and processes connected with it in the recovery period after clinical depth of various duration
48-51 Makarov V.G., Timofeeva V.M.
Age-dependent status of the antioxidant system of rat tissues under the effect of short-term vibration
51-54 Shugaleĭ V.S., Ananian A.A., Miliutina N.P., Chin Kim T.T.
Regulation of by arginine of cytochrome P-450 activity and lipid peroxidation in rat liver and testicular tissue during hypoxia
54-56 Poliukhovich G.S., Vasil'eva L.P., Maslova G.T., Boboriko T.L., Speranskii S.D.
Efficacy of various antioxidants in experimental ischemia and myocardial infarct in the rat
57-60 Promyslov M.Sh., Demchuk M.L., Levchenko L.I., Starikova E.I.
Effect of the functional state of the central nervous system on brain lipid peroxidation processes in experimental cranial-brain trauma
60-63 Gritsenko E.A., Chernikevich I.P., Dmitriev A.L., Pershukevich A.V.
Metabolism of thiamine and its di- and triphosphorus esters in the blood of patients with neurological symptoms of osteochondrosis
63-65 Chichkovskaia G.V., Parkhomets P.K., Kuchmerovskaia T.M., Khalmuradov A.A., Donchenko G.V., Rozhanskaia O.P.
Functional-metabolic changes in the brain during various conditions of supplying the rat with vitamin PP
65-69 Tiulina O.V., Sokol'nikov A.A., Zharova T.V., Kodentsova V.M., Leikin Iu.N., Spirichev V.B.
Metabolic function of isolated liver mitochondria during various conditions of vitamin D and K supply and administration of pelentane
69-70 Kondratenko T.Ia., Kuzina N.V., Severin E.S., Kornilova Z.Kh., Perel'man M.I.
Alpha-adrenergic receptors of the human lung parenchyma in destructive tuberculosis
71-73 Kaminskaia G.O., Blonskaia G.Yu., Omarov T.O., Lovacheva O.V.
Level and ratio of prostaglandins group E and F2(alpha) in bronchoalveolar washes in pulmonary tuberculosis patients
74-76 Bashmakov Yu.K., Kholin S.E., Briuzgina T.S.
Physico-chemical properties of alveolar surfactant in intermediate type allergy
76-79 Stepanov R.V., Platonova L.V., Suslikov V.L., Paskhina T.S.
Activity of elastase-like proteinases and their inhibitors in indigent nearly healthy residents in various biogeochemical conditions of the Chuvash ASSR
79-82 Kuznetsova T.P., Chesnokova N.B., Paskhina T.S.
Activity of tissue and plasma kallikrein and level of their precursors in eye tissue structures and media of healthy rabbits
82-84 Gudoshnikov V.I., Baranova I.N., Fedotov V.P.
Reactions of rat fetal hepatocytes to hormones in primary cultures grown in selective media with an addition of glucocorticoid and barbiturate
84-85 Amon E.P., Rudnykh A.A., Akhmetshina A.G., Gritsuk A.I.
Use of reagents from various firms in the "Spectrum" biochemical analyzer made by Abbott Laboratories
85-91 Pedchenko V.V., Malakhov V.N.
Enzymatic methods for quantitative determination of total cholesterol in blood serum
92-93 L'vovskaia E.I., Volchegorskii I.A., Shemiakov S.E., Lifshits R.I.
Spectrophotometric determination of lipid peroxidation end products
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