2001, Volume 47, Issue 2
155-197 Bachurin S.O.
Medicinal chemisrty approaches for focused search of agents for Alzheimer’s disease treatment and prevention
198-208 Storozhok S.A., Panchenko L.F., Philippovich Y.D., Glushkov V.S.
Changes of physicochemical properties of biological diaphragms at development of a tolerance to ethanol
209-216 Riadnova I.Yu., Chernova I.A., Shataeva L.K., Khavinson V.Kh.
Affinity chromatograpy of DNA-protein complexes
217-226 Saakyan I.R., Karapetyan T.D., Saakyan H.G.
Liver mitochondria in realisation of antigenic strain in rats
227-235 Lokhov P.G., Ipatova O.M., Prozorovskii V.N.
An apolipoprotein E peptide analog mediates acute clearance of the lipoproteins and decreases the serum cholesterol level
236-242 Danchenko E.O.
Effects of bile acids on the DNA biosynthesis, apoptosis and necrosis of hepatocytes in vitro
243-247 Karimov Kh.Ya., Inoyatova F.H., Dolimova M.A.
Effect of acute thioacetamide- induced hepatitis on theactivity of heme-metabolising enzymes and content of microsomal hemoproteins
248-278 Moshkovskii S.A., Lebedev D.N., Kolesanova E.F., Archakov A.I.
Role of single amino acid residues of the immunodominant continuous B-epitope of cytochrome P450cam 312LKKGDQ317 in recognition by specific antibodies
256-154 Morozov S.G., Poletaev A.B., Radzinsky V.E., Protsenko A.N., Korgenevskii D.A.
The effect ofantibiotic therapy on embryotropic antibodies in women
263-255 Chekanovskaya L.A., Generalov A.V.
Gamma-plant, modifies in vitro release of TNF-A, IL-1B and IL-6 by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
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