1987, Volume 33, Issue 2
2-9 Vel'tishchev Iu.E., Iur'eva E.A., Vozdvizhenskaia E.S.
Biologically active metabolites of membrane glycerophospholipids in normal conditions and in pathologic states
9-14 Chernikov M.P.
Potential biological value of dietary proteins and the Mitchell principle
14-17 Agureev A.P., Terekhina A.I.
Characteristics of the effect of 2-pyrrolidone acetamide (piracetam) on energy coupling in rat skeletal muscle mitochondria during cold stress
18-25 Iakushev V.S., Kuripka V.I., Shkopinskiĭ E.A., Bushueva V.V., Davydov V.V.
Blood insulin and characteristics of nitrogen metabolism in organs during myocardial necrosis developing after emotional stress
25-27 Makarov V.K., Kargapolov A.V.
Lipid composition of the serum in patients with alcoholism and chronic persistent hepatitis
27-31 Feoktistov I.A., Baldenkov G.N., Men'shikov M.Iu., Larionov N.P.
The use of pharmacological preparations for the study of calmodulin interaction with enzymes
32-37 Konnov B.A., Zargarova O.P., Konnova L.A., Mel'kishev V.F.
Metabolic pool of free amino acids in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with pituitary adenoma before and after proton therapy
38-41 Troitskiĭ G.V., Kasymova G.A., Borisenko S.N.
The degree of modification of serum albumin as a toxicological test
41-44 Mazhul L.M.
Various indices of lipid peroxidation in the blood of alloxan diabetic rats of different ages
44-48 Sidorova V.E., Varvashevich T.N., Timchenko N.F.
Exoenzymes of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
48-51 Khakimov Z.Z., Mavlianov I.R., Karabanovich A.K.
Functional state of the hepatocyte cytoplasmic network in rats with thermal burns
52-54 Kosovskiĭ M.I.
The role of prostaglandins in the activation of sugar transport into the rat diaphragm
54-58 Nikandrov V.N., Votiakov V.I., Naumovich S.A., Vorob'eva G.V., Tsymanovich S.G.
Formation of streptokinase-heparin complexes and their properties
58-62 Khokhlov A.P., Baskaeva T.S., Khrustaleva N.A., Zavalishin I.A., Mozzhechkov V.T.
Isolation and various properties of leucine aminopeptidase from biological fluids of patients with multiple sclerosis
62-64 Iagovdik N.Z., Fedorova T.A., Detinkin O.N.
Characteristics of protein-DNA association in chromatin from epidermal cells in psoriasis
65-68 Ryzhenkov V.E., Prokop'ev A.A., Nersisian G.G., Kameneva I.Yu., Shavva A.G.
Hypolipidemic action of the racemic methyl ester of 16,16-dimethyl-D-homo-8-isoestrone
68-70 Kozlov S.A., Kiselev E.N., Zinov'ev Iu.V.
Comparative study of various biochemical and physiological parameters of isolated perfused liver of rabbits, guinea pigs and rats
71-73 Degtiar' V.G., Kushlinskii N.E., Khotchenkova N.V.
Purification of radioactive sex hormones as receptor ligands
73-77 Salomatin V.V., Lifshits R.I.
Binding ability of serum albumin in thermal burns
77-83 Sanfirova V.M., Titov V.N., Gromadova M.M.
Effect of ethynyl estradiol and estradiol dipropionate on the esterification of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the rat liver
83-86 Kovaleva G.G., Karmanskiĭ I.M.
The type of interaction of macrophages with serum low-density lipoproteins partially hydrolyzed by pepsin
87-90 Ershikov S.M.
Intensity of gluconeogenesis and carbohydrate level in the rat liver during hypokinesia
90-93 Meerson F.Z., Iavich M.P.
The role of cytoplasmatic factors in post-stress changes in the RNA synthesis in the heart and liver
93-96 Rakhimov M.M., Gorbataia O.N., Pen'kova L.P.
Changes in the phospholipid composition of liver mitochondrial membranes in rats treated with ethanol
96-100 Gerasimov K.E., Tsyrlov I.B.
Induction of microsomal monooxygenases by an isopropyl derivative of aminopyrine
100-104 Mareeva T.B., Sokovnina I.M., Votrin I.I.
The role of adenine nucleotides in the functional activity of platelets in hemophilia A
104-106 Demina T.Yu.
Distribution of dipeptidases in the rat small intestine
106-111 Klimov A.N., Teriukova N.P., Polikarpova L.I., Ioffe D.V., Kalashnikova N.M.
Catabolism of native and modified high-density lipoproteins in rabbits
112-116 Meliksetian G.O., Mkrtchian Z.S., Akopian Z.I.
Purification and various properties of creatine kinase MM isoenzyme from the human heart muscle
116-122 Karpitskiĭ V.V., Iakubovskaia R.I., Paskhina T.S.
Contact-activated and immunoreactive prekallikrein in the plasma of patients with hypertension
122-125 Potapenko R.I.
Effect of vasopressin on the Na,K-ATPase activity in synaptic membranes of the brain of adult and old rats
125-132 Babizhaev M.A., Deev A.I.
Modification of membrane structures in cataract
132-136 Taranova N.P., Govorova L.V.
A micromethod for determining total lipids in lymphocytes and other biological material
136-138 Zagorul'ko G.V., Azhitskii G.Iu., Troitskii G.V.
Two-dimensional electrophoresis of the products of limited hydrolysis of human serum albumin using isoelectric focusing in a borate-polyol system
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