1995, Volume 41, Issue 3
2-8 Titov V.N.
Transport of cholesterol by high density lipoproteins from the standpoint of protein biochemistry
9-11 Lebedeva L.G., Aleksandrova S.S., Kirsanova I.D., Basnak'ian A.G., Dzhavadov S.A., Votrin I.I.
Nuclear endo-DNAse from rabbit myocardium in ischemia and diabetes mellitus
11-13 Pentiuk A.A., Musin R.A., Marchenko G.P.
New functional properties of albumin
13-17 Kol'tsova S.V., Boĭko E.V., Kuznetsova N.P., Danilichev V.F.
Soluble heteroprotein conjugates based on recombinant pro-urokinase for ophthalmology
17-20 Karelin A.A., Globa A.G., Vtiurin B.V., Pisarzhevskiĭ S.A., Demidova V.S., Dan V.N.
Rapid accumulation of ATP in enriched cell membrane particle substances made from bovine aortic endothelial cells and human hemangioma under the influence of endothelial growth factor
20-23 Oparina T.I., Bliudzin Iu.A., Putilina F.E.
Disruption of nerve tissue cholesterol metabolism in the case of an excess of vitamin A in the growing body
23-26 Svets V.N., Davydov V.V.
Status of enzymatic lipid peroxidation in the heart of young and old rats under stress
26-28 Telushkin P.K., Potapov P.P.
Activity of NADP-dependent dehydrogenases and level of recovery of pyridine nucleotides in the rat brain in insulin hypoglycemia and in the recuperative period
29-31 Bondarenko L.B., Kharchenko O.V., Butovich I.A.
Effect of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on 15-lipoxygenase activity
31-34 L'vovskaia E.I., Efimenko G.P., Lifshits R.I.
The effect of the BITO preparation and various serum antioxidants on the intensity of lipid peroxidation in thermal trauma
34-37 Zhabin S.G., Zorin N.A., Musatov M.I.
The effect of plasmin and its complexes with alpha 2-antiplasmin and alpha 2-macroglobulin on secretion of proteinase and plasminogen inhibitors from peripheral mononuclear cells
37-39 Rezvukhin A.I., Krysin A.P., Shalaurova I.Yu.
Stabilization of omega-3-polyunsaturated acids in fat from Mallotus villosus (Osmeridae) by the nontoxic, sulfur-containing antioxidant CO-3
39-41 Skurygin V.P.
Reverse absorption of serotonin by synaptosomes and its level in the rat cerebral cortex in acute and chronic stress
41-42 Gevorkian E.S., Akopian N.R., Artsruni I.G., Iavorian Z.V.
The effect of spermine on protein kinase activity and number of cytosolic estradiol receptors
43-46 Korshunova T.S., Illarioshkin S.N., Nikitenko N.Yu., Ivanova-Smolenskaia I.A.
Status of hypothalamic dopamine receptors in spinocerebellar degenerations
46-50 Kharitonchik L.A., Kodentsova V.M., Vrzhesinskaia O.A., Risnik V.V., Spirichev V.B.
Refining criteria for supplying the body with vitamin B6
50-53 Seledtsov A.M.
Lipid peroxidation and status of the antioxidant system in opiate addiction, chronic alcoholism, or substance abuse caused by inhaling solvent vapors
53-56 Prokopenko V.M., Arutiunian A.V., Kuz'minykh T.U., Govorova E.E., Frolova E.V.
Free radical oxidation in placental tissues in preterm delivery
56-58 Mikhaĭlova T.A.
Comparative study of blood serum by polarographic and elemental analysis
58-61 Nemtsova E.R., Ivanova L.M., Iakubovskaia R.I., Pisarevskiĭ K.I., Voronin K.V., Shipulin A.N., Strizhova N.V.
Immunoenzyme method of determining human lactoferrin and its use for diagnosing purulent-septic complications
61-62 Kulikov A.V.
Use of a nylon membrane for purifying DNA fragments from agarose gels
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