1989, Volume 35, Issue 5
2-6 Prokhorov G.G., Pisarevsky A.M., Nikolaev I.Yu.
A method of redoxometry in clinical studies
7-11 Gerasimova E.N., Levachev M.M., Ozerova I.N., Polesskii V.A., Shcherbakova I.A., Metel'skaia V.A., Kulakova S.N., Astakhova T.I., Nikitin Yu.P., Perova N.V.
Comparative analysis of the lipid-protein spectrum of lipoproteins and fatty acid composition of lipids in plasma and erythrocytes of native populations of Chukotka and Moscow
11-16 Nikolaev A.A., Anshakova N.I., Il'kov A.L., Altukhov S.A.
Immuno-chemical and physico-chemical properties of human prostatic beta-globulin
16-19 Litvin Yu.P., Dvoretsky A.I., Shainskaia A.M., Moroz N.I.
Lipid peroxidation and endogenous phospholipase hydrolysis during trauma and graded hypothermic load
20-23 Vasil'eva E.M., Ziabkina A.G.
ATPase activity, cyclic nucleotide levels in the heart and lipid peroxidation in the aorta of spontaneously hypertensive rats
23-26 Parsadanian G.K., Sarkisian L.V., Aslanian I.G., Adunts G.T., Adunts G.G.
The effect of alloxan on activity of various enzymes of phosphorus metabolism in vitro
27-30 Karagezian K.G., Gevorkian D.M.
Phospholipid-glycerides, cross-resistance of erythrocytes, malonic dialdehyde level and alphalphalpha-tocopherol levels in the plasma and erythrocytes of rats with alloxan diabetes before and after combined antioxidant therapy
30-34 Chubinskaia S.G., Sevast'ianova N.A., Veksler I.G., Slutskii L.I.
Biochemical changes in the connective tissue components of malignant tumors and lungs in mice during metastatic spreading and chemotherapy
35-40 Verbolovich V.P., Podgorny Yu.K., Podgornaia L.M.
Indices of human erythrocytes resistance to oxidative stress
40-45 Konoplia E.F., Fil'chenkov G.N.
Age-related characteristics of corticosteroid interactions with blood transport proteins
45-49 Deviatkina T.A., Tarasenko L.M., Kovalenko E.G.
Antioxidant deficiency and reaction of tissues on the acute emotional-pain stress
49-54 Lemeshko V.V., Dorkina E.G., Nikitchenko Yu.V., Vasilenko Yu.K.
The effect of tetracycline and silibore on lipid peroxidation in the liver od rats of various age
54-58 Lobareva L.S., Platonova L.V., Rabinovich S.E., Paliulina M.V., Paskhina T.S.
Effective method of simultaneous extraction from the urine and purification of tissue kallikrein and acid-stable trypsin inhibitor
58-61 Ternovoi V.A., Yakovlev V.M.
The effect of low temperatures on fatty acid composition of plasmalogen and diacyl phospholipids from the rat liver
61-64 Petrovich Yu.A., Mashkilleĭson A.L., Suleĭmanova G.G., Lagunov A.I.
The effect of antioxidants on the activity of acid hydrolases in blood leukocytes from patients with leukoplakia of mouth mucosa
64-67 Khakimov Z.Z.
The effect of benzonal on the functional activity of liver monooxygenase system un thermal injury
68-71 Akopov S.E., Grigorian M.R., Gabrielian E.S.
Mechanisms of changes in the functional state of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in atherosclerosis
71-75 Maiakova T.I., Kuznetsova E.E., Lazareva M.V., Dolgushina G.S.
Quantitative gas chromatographic determination of volatile fatty acids in express diagnosis of nonclostridial anaerobic infection
75-78 Selevich M.I.
Metabolism of glycolipids in the rat brain during acute and chronic ethanol administration
79-83 Gevorkian G.A., Kanaian A.S., Voskanian L.O.
Synthesis of mitochondrial proteins in isoproterenol-induced damage of the rat myocardium
83-86 Smorodin E.P., Arukaévu Kh.E.
Isolation of alpha2-macroglobulin from human plasma using combination of pseudoligand affinity chromatography and gel filtration
86-90 Ovchinnikova L.N., Gorkin V.Z.
Characteristics of lipid peroxidation in alcoholic intoxication
90-93 Vasil'ev A.V., Ren Li Khva, Orekhov A.N., Tertov V.V., Tutel'ian V.A.
The effect of glucagon and concanavalin A on cholesterol accumulation in mouse peritoneal macrophages and human aorta intima cells
94-96 Kukharenko V.I., Pichugina E.M., Del'vig A.A.
The ratio of collagens type I and III in cultures of human fibroblasts with diploid and aberrant chromosome complement
96-99 Podiarene S.M., Letskene M.N., Mauritsas M.M., Planchiunene R.R.
Immunoaffinity purification of alpha 1-protease inhibitor from human plasma
99-103 Mareeva T.B., Sokovnina Ya.M., Votrin I.I.
Physico-chemical and catalytic properties of hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase in thrombocytes from blood donors and patients with hemophilia A
103-108 Nikulina S.E., Krylova O.Yu., Goncharenko T.M., Stvolinskaia N.S., Poliakova E.D., Korovkin B.F.
Changes in the cAMP levels and acid phosphatase activity in a monolayer primary culture of hepatocytes from newborn rats during anoxia and substrate deprivation
108-111 Andreenko G.V., Ashmarin I.P., Zazhirei V.D., Livshits V.A., Serebriakova T.N., Podorol'skaia L.V.
The effect of thymoptin on enzymatic fibrinolysis
112-115 Goroshinskaia I.A., Stoianovich T.T., Michich D.V., Mrshulia B.B.
Properties of monoamine oxidase in the brain of mongolian gerbils during cerebral ischemia
115-119 Strukova S.M., Kogan A.E., Tara A.A., Aaviksaar A.A.
Antithrombotic effect of protein C activator from a snake venom
119-122 Akhunov V.S., Krasnopol'skaia K.D., Mirenburg T.V.
The use of loading tests with labeled GM1-ganglioside for differential diagnosis of GM1-gangliosidosis
122-127 Khokha A.M.
Determination of corticosterone in the rat plasma using adsorption micro-HPLC
127-130 Markova O.A., Kalashnikov V.V., Khvatov V.B.
Immunoenzyme method of determination of antithrombin III
130-132 Zaraysky E.I., Nazimova S.V., Olefirenko G.A., Pchelkina Z.M., Petrunin D.D., Tatarinov Yu.S., Fuks B.B.
Immunoenzyme analysis of placenta-specific alpha 1-microglobulin in the serum of blood donors
133-138 Khaĭdukova I.L., Shakhov Yu.A., Eremeeva M.E., Malakhov V.N.
The use of ammonium sulfate for the preparation of control sera with elevated levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and high density lipoprotein cholesterol
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