1993, Volume 39, Issue 4
2-10 Gorkin V.Z., Ovchinnikova L.N.
Amine oxidase system: modern achievements in studying its nature, function, and impairment of them
10-16 Siakste N.I.
Modification of the structure of chromatin and the nuclear matrix in pathological processes. Prospects for correction with drugs
16-23 Pestina T.I., Sokovnina Ya.M.
Adenosine deaminase in formed blood elements: distribution and properties in normal states and in various hematologic diseases
23-25 Ivanov V.V., Stennikova M.P.
Correlation of lipid peroxidation intensity and insulin reception in adipocytes
25-27 Khokhlov A.P., Fetisova I.G., Podlesnyĭ A.M., Chekhonin V.P., Malakhovskiĭ V.K.
Protective reaction of brain cells during change in permeability of the blood-brain barrier
27-31 Kodentsova V.M., Vrzhesinskaia O.A., Denisova S.N., Sokol'nikov A.A., Beketova N.A., Isaeva V.A., Netrebenko O.K., Spirichev V.B.
Standards of hourly excretion of B group vitamins with urine for children aged 9 to 13 years
31-34 Tsvetkova M.N., Kovalev L.I., Shishkin S.S.
Study of autolytic changes in human myocardial proteins by two-dimensional electrophoresis
34-38 Boiarinov G.A., Andreeva N.N., Mukhina I.V.
Effect of using gutimine in the pre-ischemic period on myocardial phospholipids during reperfusion
38-41 Grubina L.A., Gurinovich I.F.
Coproporphyrin level in urine from healthy humans and oncology patients
41-43 Nikolaev A.I., Mamutov Zh.I., Mukhamadov Kh.S.
Change in the state of liver lysosomes and lymphocytes during development of secondary immunodeficiency and in chronic toxic hepatitis
44-45 Asadullin M.G., Sadova A.N., Glukhov V.P., Borisova M.V.
An athrombogenic material based on modified polyethylene
45-48 Mazepa I.V.
A comparative study of the stabilized secondary structure and hydrodynamic properties of DNA from healthy and leukemic tissue
48-50 Fomenko A.I., Stepanenko S.P., Parkhomets P.K., Donchenko G.V.
The effect of NAD on binding and liberation of (14)C-GABA during convulsant administration
50-53 Muliavko N.A., Vasil'eva S.M., Donchenko G.V.
Interaction between NAD level and rate of repair of induced DNA breaks in rat liver nuclei
53-56 Zhabin S.G., Zorin N.A., Gorin V.S., Lykova O.F.
Study of structural features of macroglobulins complexed with plasmin
56-58 Stroev E.A., Riazanova E.A., Tavintsev V.D.
A method of serial determination of calpain activity in biological material
58-59 Gribanov G.A., Pankrushina A.N., Kirillova E.N.
An ultramicro method for determining pyrophosphatase using malachite green B
59-63 Ermakov A.N., Bobrina D.E., Izotov B.N., Egorov A.M., Eremin S.A.
Polarized fluoroimmunoanalysis of phenobarbital using the TD(x) analyzer from "Abbott" laboratories
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