2007, Volume 53, Issue 1
5-24 Radko S.P., Rakhmetova S.Yu., Bodoev N.V., Archakov A.I.
Аptamers as perspective affine reagents for clinical proteomics
25-38 Orlov Yu.P., Dolgich V.T.
Iron metabolism in biological systems (biochemical, pathophysiological and clinical perspectives)
39-43 Article only in Russian    
44-49 Severina I.S., Pyatakova N.V., Shchegolev A.Ya.
Potentiation of NO-dependent activation of soluble guanylate cyclase by polyamines
50-56 Kozeltsev V.L., Volodina T.V., Guseva V.V., Kostyk N.V.
Characteristic of changes in lipid of granular fibrous tissue in rats at various dozes and modes of melatonin administration
57-64 Pristensky D.V., Staroverov S.A., Ermilov D.N., Shchyogolev S.Yu., Dykman L.A.
Analysis of effectiveness of intracellular penetration of ivermectin immobilized by corpuscular carriers
65-71 Korotaeva A.A., Samokhodskaya L.M., Bochkov V.N.
Inhibition of lypopolysaccharide-induced inflammation by oxidized phospholipids
72-85 Kutyreva M.P., Galimzanova R.R., Ulahovich N.A., Glushko N.I.
Influence of Zn(II) and Mn(II) on catalytic activity of aspartic proteinases of Candida albicans
86-90 Krukier I.I., Pogorelova T.N., Orlov V.I.
Production and reception of the growth factor in the placenta during the physiological pregnancy and the pregnancy, complicated with gestosis
91-98 Kulinsky V.I., Leonova Z.A., Kolesnichenko L.S., Malov I.V., Danilov Yu.A.
Glutathione system in erythrocytes and blood plasma in viral hepatites
99-106 Azizova O.A., Piryazev A.P., Moskvina S.N., Aseychev A.V.
The method for detection of protein oxidability in serum and plasma of blood
107-111 Kuchumova A.V., Krasotkina Y.V., Khasigov P.Z., Sokolov N.N.
Modification of recombinant asparaginase from Erwinia carotovora with polyethylene glycol 5000
112-113 Article only in Russian    
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