2004, Volume 50, Issue 1
3-24 Dolguikh M.S.
Gene-cell therapy and possibilities of its application in transplantology for prevention of transplantant rejection
25-43 Ipatova O.M., Prosorovskaya N.N., Baranova V.S., Guseva D.A.
Biological effects of flaxseed oil as the source of alpha -linolenic acid omega-3
44-51 Kolesanova E.F., Romashko E.I., Moshkovskii  S.A.
Antigenic map of cytochrome b5 cytosolic domain
52-56 Prokopieva N.V., Gulyaeva L.F., Polyakova  N.E.
Changes of hepatic microsomal monooxygenase system during acute pancreatitis and arochrolor 1254 induction on rats
57-63 Pluzhnikov N., Tyaptin A., Zemlyanoy A., Varlashova M., Torkounov P., Lupachyov  Yu.
The state of antioxidant system in brain of rats in the toxic pulmonary edema
64-72 Razvodovsky Yu.Ye., Doroshenko Ye.M., Prokopchik N.I., Smirnov V.Yu., Ostrovsky S.Yu.
Hepatoprotective effects of branched chain амinо acids and taurine rats undergoing subchronic alcohol intoxication and withdrawal
73-78 Kolosova N.G., Grishanova A.Y., Krysanova J.S., Zueva T.V., Sidirova Y.A., Sinitsyna O.I.
Age-dependent variations of protein and lipid oxidation in liver of premature aging OXYS rat
79-85 Golikov P.P., Nikolayeva  N.Yu.
Method of the measurement of nitrite/nitrate (NOx) in serum
86-91 Anndina S.S., Kozlov L.V., Dyakov V.L.
Determination of functional activity and concentration of C1 inhibitor and autoantibodies to it as the tool of differential diagnostics of angioedema
92-99 Vitreshchak T.V., Poleshchuk V.V., Piradov M.A.
Contents of neuromediatory amino acids in human blood plasma during Parkinson's disease
100-103 Indutnyi A.V., Vysokogorsky V.E., Indutnaya L.N.
Characteristic manifestations of oxidative stress in alcohol abusers with diabetes mellitus type 2
104-114 Science news    
115-116 Report on the seminar “theoretical and clinical aspects of microelement in balance”    
117-118 To the memory of B.I.Cmagin    
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