2007, Volume 53, Issue 3
237-248 Rad'ko S.P., Il'ina A.P., Bodoev N.V., Archakov A.I.
Synthesis of artificial genome as the basis of synthetic biology
249-259 Medvedev A.E., Glover V.
Criteria for evaluation of functional importance of endogenous analogues of pharmacological regulators
260-265 Article only in Russian    
266-275 Khayrullina V.R., Mukhametov A.D., Tjurina L.A., Garifullina G.G., Gerchikov A.J., Zarudiy F.S.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Declaration I. A study of interrelation "structure - the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory action"
276-283 Kulmagambetov I.R., Muravleva L.Ye., Koikov V.V., Abdrahmanova Yu.E.
Oxidative metabolism and crystal-forming properties of blood of the experimental animals subjectedto nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine
284-289 Lelevich S.V.
Mechanisms of regulation of glycolytic enzymes in rat liver under morphine intoxication
290-296 Gorelikov P.L., Saveliev S.V.
Adenylate level and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the sympathetic ganglion: the effect of n-cholinergic blockade
297-306 Tsybulsky A.V., Sanina N.M., Lee I.A., Popov A.M., Kostetsky E.Ja., Portnyagina O.Y., Shnyrov V.L.
Elaboration of new adjuvant lipid-saponin complex and its use at experimental immunization by bacterial antigen
307-312 Hakobyan V.P., Sotskiy O.P., Zhamharyan L.G.
Changes in free amino acid contents in the liver and heart under the conditions of restricted movement activity
313-322 Pisarenko O.I., Studneva I.M., Shulzhenko V.S., Timoshin A.A.
Mechanisms of ischemic heart injury attenuation by means of a modified reperfusion
322-331 Ryzhakova O.S., Gureeva T.A., Zhurbitskaya V.A., Solovyeva N.I.
Expression of interstitial collagenase and its endogenous regulators in immortalized and transformed by E7 gene HPV16 fibroblasts
332-337 Gutikova L.V.
Chemical composition of milk of puerperas suffered from gestosis of different degree of severity
338-344 Akbasheva O.E.
Parameters of plasma blood proteolysis and phenotypes ofα1-proteinase inhibitor in children with duodenal ulcer
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