2005, Volume 51, Issue 6
567-580 Kugaevskaya  E.V.
Angiotensin converting enzyme. Domain structure and properties
581-602 Vasilyeva E.M., Bakanov M.I.
Biochemical changes in neurological pathology
603-616 Babichev V.N.
Physiological importance of numerous sex hormone receptors
617-625 Rachenkova N.I., Ivanov Yu.D., Molnar A.A., Archakov  A.I.
Optical biosensor study interaction between trypsin and trypsin inhibitor
626-633 Martinovich G.G., Cherenkevich S.N.
Consumption of intracellular hydrogen peroxide in epithelial human amnion cells
634-642 Romanov B.K.
Regulation of myocardial lysosomal enzyme activity by calcium
643-648 Dolgushin M.V., Sosyedova L.M.
Influence of low concetration of sulphuric anhydride on metabolic status of peripheral blood lymphocytes in guinea pigs sensibilised with a biological allergen
649-655 Kuznetsov P.E., Popyhova E.B., Rogacheva S.M., Evlakov K.I.
The influence of the 1-(2`-hydroxiethyl)-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole on the state of erythrocyte membranes and their models
656-661 Bliznetsova G.N., Artemieva S.S., Retsky  M.M.
Influence of L-arginine and inhibitors of NO-synthase on generation of nitric oxide and nitrosothiols at toxic damage of liver
662-672 Storozhok N.M., Daryuhina E.N., Tsvetkova E.Yu., Zhymbal  I.N.
Kinetics and actions mechanism of vitamin D3 in the process of lipid and blood plasma oxidation in model system
673-678 Krainova T.A., Morozova Ju.V., Efremova L.M., Sherer L.A., Kachalina T.S.
Assesment of the specific oxidase activity of ceruloplasmin in pregnant women
679-687 Semenova N.V., Shubina N.A.
Resistance for therapy of Helicobacter pylori infection. New possibilities for problem solution using the mass-spectrometry method
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