2013, Volume 59, Issue 6
604-621 Golovko A.I.
Amethystic agents influencing toxicodynamics of ethanol
622-635 Fedyushkina I.V., Skvortsov V.S., Romero Reyes I.V., Levina I.S.
Molecular docking and 3D-QSAR on 16a,17a-cycloalkanoprogesterone analogues as progesterone receptor ligands
636-643 Razygraev A.V.
Homocysteine peroxidase activity in rat blood plasma: stoichiometry and enzymatic character of the reaction
644-654 Novgorodtseva T.P., Karaman Yu.K., Zhukova N.V.
Modification of fatty acid composition of polar and neutral lipids of blood and liver in rat in conditions of prolonged high-fat diet
655-661 Tanygina E.S., Popova T.N., Semenikhina A.V., Matasova L.V., Kryl'skiy E.D.
The dose-dependent influence of 3,5-dicarbometoxyphenilbiguanide on activity of the glutathione antioxidant system in heart and blood serum of rats with the experimental myocardial infarction
662-672 Marchenko M.M., Ketsa O.V.
Functional activity of NADH-dependent reductase system in liver and guerin’s carcinoma microsomal fraction in rats exposed to preliminary irradiation
673-681 Kislin M.S., Stroev S.A., Gluschenko T.S., Tulkova E.I., Pelto-Huikko M., Samoilov M.O.
Hypoxic preconditioning modifies the activity of prond antioxidant systems in rat hippocampus
682-692 Babich O.O., Prosekov A.Y.
Optimization of L-phenylalanine-ammonia-lyase liophilization
693-699 Raetska Ya.B., Ischuk T.V., Ostapchenko L.I.
Dynamics of rat blood serum biochemical parameters under malignant growth in condition of the antioxidant substance “greenization GREEN R” introduction
700-709 Orlov Y.P., Lukach V.N., Dolgih V.T., Soboleva E.L., Ivanov A.V., Ivanova A.M., Boltruchenko A.S., Boronenko V.V., Kozhevnikova E.F., Pozharov S.V.
Critical conditions as a logical and appropriate chain of iron methabolism disorders (the summary of experimental studies)
710-718 Scherbinina S.P., Levina A.A., Lisovskaya I.L., Ataullakhanov F.I.
The effect of exogenous antioxidants on the antioxiidant status of erythrocytes and hepcidin content in blood of patients with disorders of iron metabolism regulation
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