2012, Volume 58, Issue 6
617-634 Moskaleva N.E., Zgoda V.G.
Current methods of cytochrome P450 analysis
635-650 Ivanov S.D.
Biochemical markers predicting response to radiation- and radiochemo-therapy in cancer patients
651-661 Chernikov V.A., Gorokhovets N.V., Savvateeva L.V., Severin S.E.
Analysis of complex formation of human recombinant hsp70 with tumor-associated peptides
662-672 Kudryavtsev V.A., Makarova Y.M., Kabakov A.E.
Thermosensitization of tumor cells with inhibitors of chaperone activity and expression
673-683 Kostyuk S.V., Malinovskaya E.M., Ermakov A.V., Smirnova T.D., Kameneva L.V., Chvartatskaya O.V., Loseva P.A., Ershova E.S., Lyubchenko L.N., Veiko N.N.
Cell-free DNA fragments increase transcription in human mesenchymal stem cells, activate tlr-dependent signal pathway and supress apoptosis
684-690 Voloshchuk O.N., Marchenko M.M., Mudrak M.C.
The change in the structural and functional organization of the guerin's carcinoma cytochrome part of respiratory chain in tumor carriers in the conditions of preliminary low-level irradiation
691-701 Sukhova L.L., Guryeva A.V., Berezhnaya E.A., Davydov V.V.
Activity of endogenous aldehydes catabolism enzymes in subcellular fractions of liver, heart and brain of rats at pubertal age under stress
702-711 Pisarenko O.I., Pelogeykina Yu.A., Shulzhenko V.S., Studneva I.M., Bespalova Z.D., Sidorova M.V., Azmuko A.A., Palkeeva M.E.
The influence of inhibiting no formation on metabolic recovery of ischemic rat heart by apelin-12
712-726 Baranova V.S., Rusina I.F., Guseva D.A., Prozorovskaya N.N., Ipatova O.M., Kasaikina O.T.
The antiradical activity of plant extracts and healthful preventive combinations of these exrtacts with the phospholipid complex
727-736 Lankin V.Z., Konovalova G.G., Tikhaze A.K., Nedosugova L.V.
The influence of natural dicarbonils on the antioxidant enzymes activity in vitro and in vivo
737-740 Kolesov D.V., Kiselev G.A., Kudrinskiy A.A., Yaminskiy I.V.
Study of the interaction between antigen-antibody complexes for label-free sensor application
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