2006, Volume 52, Issue 3
229-238 Zorin N.A., Zorina V.N., Zorina R.M.
The role of macroglobulin family proteins in regulation of inflammation reactions
239-244 Article only in Russian    
245-257 Shevchuk N.A., Manela J., Nusinovich Ye.A., Ladisch S.
Stable transfection of DAOY cells with a GM3 synthase antisense construct and transient reduction in ganglioside content
258-271 Mezentsev Y.V., Molnar A.A., Gnedenko O.V., Krasotkina Y.V., Sokolov N.N., Ivanov A.S.
Oligomerization of L-asparaginase from Erwinia carotovora
272-277 Gorden M.V., Teply D.L.
Speculiarities of post-stress changes of lipid peroxidation and stress-limited effects of α-tocopherol in liver and blood serum of infant and old rats
278-286 Levenkova M.V., Popova T.N., Semenikhina A.V.
Regulatory properties of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from rat liver under conditions of free-radical oxidation stimulated by toxic hepatitis
287-297 Saakyan I.R., Saakyan G.G.
Correlation between succinate-dependent Cа2+ accumulation and transamination in heart and liver mitochondria of experimental animals
298-308 Shkumatov V.M., Usova E.V., Frolova N.S., Barth G., Mauersberger S.
Effect of steroid biosynthesis modificators on the progesterone biotransformation by a recombinant yeasts expressing cytochrome P450c17
309-316 Kulinsky V.I., Gavrilina T.V., Minakina L.N., Kovtun V.Yu.
Biochemico-pharmacological mechanisms of different types of hypoxic preconditioning in cerebral ischemia in mice
317-326 Markova E.V., Zotova N.V., Savchenko A.A., Titova N.M., Slepov E.V., Cherdancev D.V., Konovalenko A.N.
Lymphocyte metabolism in patients with acute pancreatitis and different genotypes of GSTM1 and GSTT1 genes
327-330 Mikchalev E.V., Philippov G.P., Stepovaya E.A., Smirnova L.P., Zhelev V.A., Elisarova M.G., Ermolenko S.P.
Superoxide dismutase and catalase activity erythrocytes change in premature newborns with intraventricular haemorrhages
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