2022, Volume 68, Issue 4    
237-249 Zavodnik I.B., Kovalenia T.A., Veiko A.G., Lapshina E.A., Ilyich T.V., Kravchuk R.I., Zavodnik L.B., Klimovich I.I.
Structural and functional changes in rat liver mitochondria under calcium ion loading in the absence and presence of flavonoids
250-262 Buneeva O.A., Kopylov A.T., Medvedev A.E.
The key role of the regulatory 19S subunit in changes in the brain proteasome subproteome induced by the neuroprotector isatin
263-271 Derkach K.V., Bondareva V.M., Shpakov A.O.
Influence of intranasally administered insulin on metabolic and hormonal parameters in adult male rats, impaired due to three-day fasting in the early postnatal period
272-278 Eprintsev A.T., Fedorin D.N., Bakarev M.Yu.
Molecular and biochemical studies of succinate dehydrogenase in rat liver under conditions of alloxan diabetes
279-287 Airapetov M.I., Eresko S.O., Skabelkin D.A., Iskalieva A.R., Lebedev A.A., Bychkov E.R., Shabanov P.D.
The effect of rifampicin on the system of Toll-like receptors in the nucleus accumbens of the brain of long-term alcoholized rats during alcohol withdrawal
288-296 Antonova O.A., Golubeva N.V., Yakushkin V.V., Zyuryaev I.T., Krivosheeva E.N., Komarov A.L., Martynyuk T.V., Mazurov A.V.
Coagulation activity of circulating membrane microparticles in patients with cardiovascular diseases
297-301 Abalenikhina Yu.V., Shchulkin A.V., Seidkuliyeva A.A., Pravkin S.K., Yakusheva E.N.
Mechanism of regulation of the constitutive androstane receptor under conditions of modeling oxidative stress in vitro
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