2006, Volume 52, Issue 6
529-546 Medvedeva N.V., Ipatova O.M., Ivanov Yu.D., Drozhzhin A.I., Archakov A.I.
Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine
547-555 Arushanian E.B., Elbekian K.S.
Immunotoxicity of metals and protective function of pineal factors
556-567 Kurhalyuk N.N., Tkachenko G.M.
Correction of mitochondrial respiration processes in rats with different resistance to hypoxia under stress by modulators of ATP-sensitive potassium channels
568-575 Cherkasova O.P.
The activity of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase of rat kidney and liver at inherited stress-induced arterial hypertension
576-586 Mikhal'chik E.V., Titkova S.M., Anurov M.V., Pen'kov L.Yu., Korkina L.G.
Antioxidant enzymes in skin experimental burn trauma
587-594 Gilmiyarova F.N., Radomskaya V.M., Myakisheva Yu.V., Baisheva G.M., Pervova Yu.V., Spiridonova N.V.
The role of small molecules in regulation of activity of cytoplasmatic dehydrogenases
595-600 Sokotun I.N., Gnedenko O.V., Leychenko E.V., Monastyrnaya M.M., Kozlovskaya E.P., Molnar A.A., Ivanov A.S.
Interaction investigation of trypsin inhibitor from sea anemone Radianthus macrodactylus with proteases
601-607 Gritsuk A.I., Sirota T.V., Dravitsa L.V., Craddock E.A.
The estimation of the antioxidant activity of lacrimal fluid
608-614 Globa A.G., Dikova O.N., Demidova V.S., Karelin A.A.
Study of gene expression of cytokines and apoptotic factors in blood and tissues from patients with surgery infection by the method of real-time polymerase chain reaction
615-619 Potapov P.P., Stelmach A.Yu., Telushkin P.K., Medvedeva N.B.
Changes of some energy exchange parameters in the rat heart under insulin hypoglycemia
620-626 Mezhevikina L.M., Kapralova I.V., Fesenko E.E.
Stimulating effect of recombinant cytokine LIF on the mouse blastocysts during implantation
627-630 Article only in Russian    
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