2008, Volume 54, Issue 6
624-642 Gusarov D.A., Gusarova V.D., Bayramashvili D.I., Mironov A.F.
Human insulin and its pharmaceutical analogs
643-648 Volkova T.O., Nemova N.N.
The functional redistribution of activitys of caspases in K562 cells, induced for differentiation and apoptosis treated with thiazophosphol derivatives
649-658 Makarova A.M., Gorbacheva L.R., Zamolodchikova T.S., Rumsh L.D., Bespalova Zh.D., Strukova S.M.
Various effects of serine proteinases, activated protein C and duodenase, on mast cells
659-670 Pisarenko O.I., Serebryakova L.I., Tskitishvili O.V., Studneva I.M.
Attenuation of irreversible rat heart injury by reperfusion with metabolic protectors
671-678 Guseva D.A., Prozorovskaya N.N., Rusina I.F., Ipatova O.M.
Antiradical activity and resistance of flaxseed oil, enriched with the antioxidants to oxidative changes
679-686 Severina I.S., Pyatakova N.V., Shchegolev A.Y., Sidorova T.A.
YC-1-like potentiation of nitric oxide-dependent activation of soluble guanylyl cyclase by adrenochrome
687-695 Lebedev A.V., Ivanova M.V., Timoshin A.A., Ruuge E.K.
Effect of calcium cations on acid-base properties and free radical oxidation of dopamine and pyrocatechol
696-705 Sahakyan H.G., Saakyan I.R.
Transamination in the mechanism of protection of mitochondria from Ca2+ overload
706-712 Voropaeva E.A., Bajrakova A.L., Bichucher A.M., Kozlov L.V., D'yakov V.L.
Proteolytic activity of microflora in oral cavity of patients with periodontitis
712-719 Abakumova O.Yu., Podobed O.V., Borisova A.A., Sidoruk K.V., Alexandrova S.S., Omelyanuk N.M., Pokrovskaya M.V., Kondakova L.I., Sokolov N.N.
Antitumor activity of L-asparaginase from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
720-726 Buneeva O.A., Medvedeva M.V., Medvedev A.E.
Analysis of ubiquitin-dependent increase in monoamine oxidase sensitivity to proteolysis and specific inhibition
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