2009, Volume 55, Issue 6
689-701 Ivanov Yu.D., Frantsuzov P.A., Pleshakova T.O., Ziborov V.S., Svetlov S.K., Krohin N.V., Konev V.A., Kovalev O.B., Uchaikin V.F., Yastrebova O.N., Sveshnikov P.G., Archakov A.I.
Atomic force microscopy detection of serological markers of viral hepatites B and C
702-712 Boskhomdzhiev A.P., Bonartsev A.P., Makhina T.K., Myshkina V.L., Ivanov E.A., Bagrov D.V., Filatova E.V., Iordanskii A.L., Bonartseva G.A.
A comparative study of biodegradation kinetics of biopolymer systems based on poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)
713-726 Buryak A.K., Purygin P.P., Sribnaya O.S.
Comparison of the results of research of hemolymph immunized and nonimmunized of larvae of galleria mellonella
727-733 Lelevich S.V.
Functional state of glucose metabolism in rat liver under chronic alcohol intoxication
734-742 Anikeenok M.O., Churin Y.N., Meyer T.F., Ilinskaya O.N.
Phosphorylation of ATM/ATR substrates in eukaryotic cells after infection with helicobacter pylori
743-749 Hula N.M., Berdyshev A.H., Chumak A.A., Kindruk N.L., Goridko T.M.
Cardioprotective effect of n-stearoylethanolamine under the anaphylactic shoсk in guinea pigs
750-758 Andreeva N.N., Solovyeva T.I., Balandina M.V., Mukhina I.V.
The effect of ozonated physiological solution on the postreperfused lipid composition and the level of carbohydrate metabolism substrates
759-765 Moshkova A.N., Yerlykina E.I., Khvatova E.M.
Dependence between mitochondrial creatine kinase activity and ATP level in the brain ischemia
766-778 Shliakhtin S.V., Trukhachova T.V., Isakau G.A., Istomin Y.P.
Application of the method of vital in vivo fluorescence intensity measurement in biological tissues for pharmacokinetic studies of different chlorin-based photosensitisers
779-783 Azizova G.I., Efendiyev A.M.
Investigation of relation between LPO, AOD and some immune parameters in patients with chronic kidney disease
784-785 Barashkov G.K.
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