2024, Volume 70, Issue 2    
73-82 Korolev V.A., Felker E.V., Yachmeneva L.A., Babkina L.A., Azarova Y.A., Churilin M.I., Milova A.I.
Dynamics of the content of reactive oxygen species and the state of the glutathione system in the oral cavity during subchronic intoxication wuth the fungicide thiram and its antioxidant correction
83-88 Oktar Süleyman, Karadeniz Mahinur, Acar Musa, Zararsız İsmail
The effects of omega-3 fatty acids on antioxidant enzyme activities and nitric oxide levels in the cerebral cortex of rats treated ethanol
89-98 Buneeva O.A., Fedchenko V.I., Kaloshina S.A., Zavyalova M.G., Zgoda V.G., Medvedev A.E.
Comparative proteomic analysis of renal tissue of normotensive and hypertensive rats
99-108 Bodrova V.V., Shustova O.N., Golubeva N.V., Alieva A.K., Vlodzyanovsky V.V., Pevzner D.V., Mazurov A.V.
Assessment of platelet functional activity in healthy individuals and patients receiving antiplatelet therapy. Possible inconsistencies between aggregation and flow cytometry tests
109-113 Bodienkova G.M., Boklazhenko E.V.
Altered serum levels of neuronal proteins and antibodies to them in occupational diseases of the nervous system
114-124 Ronzhina N.L., Zorina E.S., Zavialova M.G., Legina O.K., Naryzhny S.N.
Variability of haptoglobin beta-chain proteoforms
125-129 Rahimova R.R., Efendiyev A.M., Shahverdiyeva I.J., Dashdamirova G.S., Kerimova I.A.
Determination of the levels and possible associations of alpha2-macroglobulin with autoantibodies in the serum of patients with various forms of autoimmune thyroiditis
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