2007, Volume 53, Issue 5
475-475 Article only in Russian    
476-487 Medvedev A.E.
Natriuretic peptides
488-496 Cherepanova A.V., Tamkovich S.N., Vlassov V.V., Laktionov P.P.
Blood deoxyribonuclease activity in health and diseases
497-521 Mehtiev A.R., Misharin A.Yu.
Biological activity of phytosterols and their derivatives
522-531 Sergeyko A.P., Stepanchikova A.V., Sobolev B.N., Zotchev S.B., Lagunin A.A., Filimonov D.A., Poroikov V.V.
Computer-aided design of polyketides with the required properties
532-540 Chekhonin V.P., Bulanov K.A., Yusubalieva G.M., Tsibulkina E.A., Gurina O.I., Skoblov Yu.S., Shvets V.I., Zhirkov Yu.A., P Baklaushev V.
Biodegradation of 125I-labeled monoclonal antibodies after introvenous administration to rats with experimental C6 glioma
541-546 Afanasyev S.A., Rebrova T.Y., Kondratieva D.S.
Phospholipid composition of erythrocyte membranes under conditions of postmyocardial infarction cardiosclerosis
547-556 Pankova T.G., Igonina T.M., Kobzev V.F., Merkulova T.I.
Study of the binding of nuclear proteins from plasmodium berghei strains with different chloroquine sensitivity to oligonucleotides corresponding to regulatory elements of multidrug resistance (mdr1) gene
557-565 Borodina T.N., Rumsh L.D., Kunizhev S.M., Sukhorukov G.B., Vorozhtsov G.N., Feldman B.M., Markvicheva E.A.
Polyelectrolyte microcapsules as systems for delivery of biologically active substances
566-576 Grigorenko Yu.A., Karasyova E.I., Metelitza D.I., Sorokin V.L., Ksendsova G.A., Shadyro O.I.
Substituted aminophenols and flavonoids as potential componentsfor test-systems of total antioxidant activity
577-584 Voicehovska J.G., Shkesters A., Orlikov G.A., Silova A.A., Rusakova N.J., Larmane L.T., Karpov J.G., Ivanov A.D., Maulinsh E.
Assessment of some oxidative stress parameters in bronchial asthma patients beyond add-on selenium supplementation
585-592 Dyakova M.E., Titarenko O.T., Esmedlyaeva D.S., Yelkin A.V., Alexeyeva N.P., Perova T.L.
Functional activity of phagocytes of bronchoalveolar lavage in patients with fibro-cavernosis and infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis
593-602 Boukina T.M., Tsvetkova I.V.
Distribution of mutations of acid β-d-glucosidase gene (GBA) among 68 Russian patients with gaucher`s disease
603-608 Buneeva O.A., Medvedeva M.V., Medvedev A.E.
Ubiquitin causes selective increase in the sensitivity of rat brain mitochondrial monoamine oxidases to various proteases
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