2005, Volume 51, Issue 1
2-18 Ivanov A.S., Veselovsky A.V., Archakov A.I.
Methods of experimental validation of potential target proteins for creation of new drugs
19-29 Severina I.S.
NO: a new look on the mechanism of action of old drugs
30-40 Gutorov E.J., Gutorov A.E., Kogan E.M.
Statistical characteristics of inhomogeneities of protein and chromation networks
41-47 Ilina E.N., Malahova M.V., Generozov E.V., Govorun V.M., Archakov A.I., Pokrovsky V.I.
Using the mass spectrometry analysis for hepatitis C virus typing
48-52 Valiuk T.Ch., Velichko M.G., Velichko L.I.
The regulatory action of dipeptide "deglutam" on the glutamine metabolized enzymes in the carcinosarcoma SM-1 cells
53-59 Kudryashov A.M., Titova N.M., Savchenko A.A., Kudryashova E.V.
The contents of ascorbic acid and its oxidized forms at the aging of red blood cells produced in conditions of the normal and intense of erythropoesis
60-65 Subbotina T.F., Galebskaya L.V., Shcherbak I.G.
The effects of divalent cations on the fibrin clot formation and its lysis
66-71 Suvorova I.N., Davydov V.V., Prozorovskiy V.N., Shvets V.N.
Peculiarity of extract from Aronia melanocarpa leaves antioxidant action for the brain
72-75 Nikolenko Yu.I., Nikolenko V.Yu., Ignatenko G.A., Mukhin I.V.
Dysfunction of thyroid gland at experimental hyperuricemia
76-80 Petushok N.E., Petushok V.G., Yelchaninova M.A., Bankovsky A.A., Trebukhina R.V.
Functional activity of blood and liver cells under formaldehyde intoxication via inhalation
81-87 Vinitskaya A.G., Kurbat M.N., Lelevich V.V., Kozlovsky A.V.
GABA metabolism and contents of neuroactive amino acids in rat brain after acute morphine administration
88-95 Remembering V.N. Orekhovich    
96-97 Congratulations to Yu.A. Pankov    
98-99 Science news    
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