2004, Volume 50, Issue 3
231-242 Zinovjeva V.N., Spasov A.A.
DNA-protective activity of natural and synthetic antioxidants
243-259 Shumyantseva V.V., Bulko T.V., Archakov A.I.
Electrochemical reduction of cytochrome P450 as a way for construction of biosensors and bioreactors
260-268 Kulikova L.N.
Induction of cytochrome P450 2a5 in transplanted mice hepatomas
269-272 Nikishina M.V., Akishev A.G., Makarova S.I., Vavilin V.A., Degtyarev S.Kh., Lyakhovich V.V.
Application restriction endonucleases Bst2UI and Acc65I to find kpn I - polymorphism in NAT2 gene
273-276 Lelevich S.V.
Dose-dependent effects of morphine hydrochloride on the functioning of glycolysis in the rat liver
277-283 Guskova N.K., Goroshinskaya I.A., Rovda T.A.
Intensity of chemoluminescence and activity of antioxidant system in dynamics of experimental carcinogenesis combined with chlamydial infection
284-292 Popoff  E.H.
Study of androgen receptor cooperative characteristics
293-303 Okovity S.V.
New derivatives of triazino- and imidazoindole with hepatoprotective activity
304-308 Krukier I.I., Pogorelova T.N., Orlov A.V.
The influence of nitric oxide generation on the production of interleukins and processes of prostaglandins synthesis in fetal membranes in spontaneous parturition and uterine inertia
309-313 Zimnitskii A.N., Bashkatov S.A., Petrenko E.G., Khusnutdinova S.B.
Glycosaminoglycanes content age changes in womans skin
314-317 Veselovsky A.V.
Dual monoaminoxidase and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors as potential agents for treatment of Alzheimer disease
318-321 Science news    
322-323 100th anniversary of A.M. Utevsky    
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