2010, Volume 56, Issue 3
303-318 Shpakov A.O., Shpakova E.A.
Low-molecular regulators of polypeptide hormones receptors containing LGR-repeats
319-328 Hasanov A.G., Bershova T.V., Basargina E.N., Bakanov M.I.
Molecular mechanisms of genetic damages of the myocardium in cardiomyopathy
329-341 Fedchenko V.I., Kaloshin A.A., Medvedev A.E.
A novel vector for construction of cDNA library
342-350 Guseva D.A., Prozorovskaya N.N., Shironin A.V., Sanzhakov M.A., Evteeva N.M., Kasaikina O.T., Rusina I.F.
Antioxidant activity of vegetable oils with different omega-6/omega-3 fatty acids ratio
350-358 Zaporozhets T.S., Makarenkova I.D., Bakunina I.Y., Burtseva Y.V., Kusaykin M.I., Balabanova L.A., Zvyagintseva T.N., Besednova N.N., Rasskazov V.A.
Inhibition of adherence of corynebacterium diphtheriae to human buccal epitelium by glycoside hydrolases of marine hydrobiontes
359-371 Maltsev A.N., Grekova A.A., Kits E.A.
Influence of emotional-painful stress on affinity of blood to oxygen, the state antioxidant system and physical properties hepatocyte microsomal membrane
372-379 Somova L.M., Plekhova N.G., Goncharuk Yu.N., Drobot E.I.
Comparative characterization of oxide-dependent and nitroxide-forming enzymatic systems of macrophages under staphylococcus aureus and listeria monocytogenes infections
380-386 Razumovskii S.D., Konstantinova M.L., Grinevich T.V., Korovina G.V., Zaitsev V.Ya.
Brutto-law of ozone decomposition in physiologic solutions and a method of evaluation of ozone dose really introduced to paitients together with solution volume
387-396 Byruak A.K., Sribnaya O.S., Purygin P.P.
Studying peptides of antibacterial fractions methods of the liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry
397-403 Popov S.S., Pashkov A.N., Zoloedov V.I., Popova T.N., Rakhmanova T.I.
The antioxidant status at patients with a thyreotoxicosis syndrome at the combined therapy with epifamin
404-411 Rakhmetova S.Yu., Radko S.P., Gnedenko O.V., Bodoev N.V., Ivanov A.S., Archakov A.I.
Comparative termodynamic analysis of thrombin interaction with anti-thrombin aptamers and their heterodimeric construct
412-419 Rotanova T.V., Melnikov E.E.
Novel view of the architecture of the non-catalytic n-terminal region of ATP-dependent lona proteases
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