2014, Volume 60, Issue 6
615-622 Buneeva O.A., Gnedenko O.V., Medvedeva M.V., Ivanov A.S., Medvedev A.E.
The use of immobilized ubiquitin for biosensor analysis of the mitochondrial subinteractome
623-630 Petrov S.A., Danilova A.O., Karpov L.M.
The effect of a water-soluble vitamins on the activity of some enzymes in diabetes
631-635 Marchenko M.M., Voloshchuk O.N.
The state of the mitochondrial energy-supplying system of blood leukocytes in the dynamics of guerin's carcinoma growth under the low-level irradiation conditions
636-642 Kalinkevich O.V., Pogorielov M.V., Babich I.M., Deyneka V.N., Kalinkevich A.N., Danilchenko S.N., Tkach G.F.
In-vitro degradation of the chitosan membranes under various syntheses conditions
643-650 Maksimovich N.Ye., Dremza I.K., Troyan E.I., Maksimovich Ya.N., Borodinskii A.N.
The correcting effects of dihydroquercetin in cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury
651-654 Dutov A.A., Nikitin D.A., Lukyanova Yu.L., Sverkunova A.V., Martinova A.V., Ermolina A.V.
HPLC analysis of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate in serum with use of solid-phase extraction on hyper cross-linked polystyrene (purosep-200)
655-660 Yaglova N.V., Yaglov V.V.
Alteration of thyroid hormone secretion after long-term exposure to low doses of endocrine disruptor DDT
661-667 Deryagina V.P., Ryzhova N.I., Krivosheeva L.V., Golubeva I.S.
Production of nitric oxide metabolites during transplanted tumors growth with different metastatic potential
668-676 Zavialova M.G., Zgoda V.G., Kharybin O.N., Nikolayev E.N.
In vitro protein phosphorylation as a template for SRM method development
677-682 Maksimenko A.V.
Thrombolysis with plasminogen activators: use and research of serine proteinases, promise and actuality
683-688 Timoshenko O.S., Gureeva T.A., Kugaevskaya E.V., Solovyeva N.I.
Membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) and the regulators of its activity as invasive factors in squamous cell cervical carcinomas
689-694 Shablinskiy M.A., Milentyev A.Yu., Lotosh N.Yu., Selischeva A.A., Badyshtov B.A., Besova N.V., Saveliev S.V.
Non-esterified fatty acids of blood serum in type 1 diabetic women during late pregnancy
695-701 Kostryukova E.S., Karpova I.Y., Larin A.K., Popenko A.C., Tyaht A.V., Ilina E.N.
Variability in the relative quantity of human DNA resulted from metagenomic analysis of gut microbiota
702-706 Kiseleva E.V., Sidorova M.V., Gorbacheva L.R., Strukova S.M.
Peptide-agonist of protease-activated receptor (PAR 1), similar to activated protein C, promotesproliferation in keratinocytes and wound healing of epithelial layer
707-712 Rybina A.V., Skvortsov V.S., Kopylov A.T., Zgoda V.G.
A plain method of prediction of visibility of peptides in mass spectrometry with electrospray ionization
713-716 Sanzhakov M.A., Ignatov D.V., Prozorovskyi V.N., Druzhilovskaya O.S., Medvedeva N.V., Ipatova O.M.
Development of targeted drug delivery system: synthesis of conjugates of address fragment (ra-cooh) with ligand (r-nh2)
717-718 In memory of M. Sandler    
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