2011, Volume 57, Issue 1
5-13 Soloveva N.I.
Article only in Russian
14-30 Moysa A.A., Kolesanova E.F.
Synthetic peptide vaccines
31-60 Ivanov A.S.
Basic principles of protein conformational diversity for medical biologists
61-76 Tikhonova O.V., Skvortsov V.S., Raevsky O.A.
Molecular modeling of acetylcholinesterase interaction with irreversible and reversible organophosphorous inhibitors
77-84 Morozevich G.E., Kozlova N.I., Ushakova N.A., Preobrazhenskaya M.E., Berman A.E.
Implication of integrin α5β1 in human breast carcinoma apoptosis and drug resistance
85-94 Plekhova N.G., Somova L.M., Puzdaev V.I., Drobot E.I.
The metabolic activity of neutrophils and monocytes as the model for the study of the organism biocompatibility with different materials
95-105 Beloborodova N.V., Bairamov I.T., Olenin A.Yu., Fedotcheva N.I.
Exometabolites of some anaerobic microorganisms of human microflora
106-113 Zorina V.N., Zorina R.M., Zorin N.A.
Peculiaries of interactions between proteins of the macroglobulin family and with the endocytic receptors (a possible mechanism of transmembrane transfer)
114-126 Smirnova K.V., Diduk S.V., Gurtsevitch V.E.
Functional analysis of epstein-barr virus latent membrane proteins (LMP1) in patients with limphoproliferative disorders
127-132 Aidyraliev R.K., Igemberdieva O.A., Dadabaev M.Kh., Murataliev T.M., Aitbaev K.A., Aldashev A.A.
Investigation of peroxide modification of low- and very low-density lipoproteins in patients with coronary heart disease by the method of fluorescent spectroscopy
133-137 Gorodetskii V.K., Tochilkin A.I., Belayeva N.F., Kovelman I.R., Korovkin B.F.
Synthesis and hypoglycemic activity of bis(L-malato)oxovanadium(IV)
138-143 Article only in Russian    
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