2009, Volume 55, Issue 1
5-14 Ponomarenko E.A., Lisitsa A.V., Petrak I., Moshkovskii S.A., Archakov A.I.
Identification of differentially expressed proteins using automatic meta-analysis of proteomics-related articles
15-31 Elistratova E.V., Laktionov P.P., Shelestuk P.I., Tuzikov S.A., Vlassov V.V., Rykova E.Y.
Immunochemical and molecular-genetic markers in gastric cancer diagnostics
32-40 Kuzmina T.I., Olenina L.V., Sanzhakov M.A., Farafonova T.E., Abramihina T.V., Dubuisson J., Sobolev B.N., Kolesanova E.F.
Antigenicity and B-epitope mapping of hepatitis C virus envelope protein E2
41-49 Sarantseva S.V., Bolshakova O.I., Timoshenko S.I., Kolobov A.A., Vitek M.P., Schwarzman A.L.
Protein transduction domain peptide mediates delivery to the brain via the blood-brain barrier in drosophila
50-60 Ivanov D.V., Egorov A.M.
Spreading and mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance of microorganisms, producing beta-lactamases. Phenotyping of potential ampc-beta-lactamases producers of Enterobacteriaceae and molecular mechanisms of resistance to beta-lactams of Enterobacter cloacae strains, isolated in cases of nosocomial infections
61-67 Belov A.A., Belova E.N., Filatov V.N.
The textile materials containing chitosan and proteolytic complex from hepatopancreas of the crab, for the medical purposes
68-72 Galebskaya L.V., Andreeva L.A., Solovtsova I.L., Petrishchev N.N., Solov'eva M.A.
The stydy of the human complement cascade of proteolysis as a target of laser irradiation
73-80 Zorin S.N., Baiargargal M.
Preparation of food proteins enzymatic hydrolysates of dietaryproteins using some commercial enzyme preparations and various schemes of hydrolysis
81-88 Chaadaeva A.V., Tepkeeva I.I., Moiseeva E.V., Svirshchevskaya E.V., Demushkin V.P.
Antitumor activity of the plant remedy peptide extract PE-PM in a new mouse T-lymphoma/leukemia model
89-97 Zhanaeva S.Ya., Dyakov A.I., Alekseenko T.V., Korolenko T.A.
Prognostic significance of lysosomal cysteine proteases in the estimation of the effectiveness of the antitumorigenic therapy
98-105 Kutuzova N.M., Deviatnikov D.D., Yanykina E.A.
Proteolytic activation of prophenoloxidase in the imago of Musca domestica
106-113 Lelevich S.V., Borodinsky A.N.
Particuliarities of glycolysis in liver and skeletal muscle after acute alcohol intoxication in rats
114-120 Glazev A., Nefyodov L.
Reduced glutathione interaction with thiophosphoric derivatives of alkaloids of Chelidonium majus L. in vitro
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