2013, Volume 59, Issue 3
239-248 Berman A.E., Kozlova N.I., Morozevich G E.
Integrins as a potential target for targeted anticancer therapy
249-266 Bozrova S.V., Levitsky V.A., Nedospasov S.A., Drutskaya M.S.
Imiquimod: the biochemical mechanisms of immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activity
267-294 Fedosov A.E., Moshkovskii S.A., Kuznetsova K.G., Olivera B.M.
Conotoxins: from the biodiversity of gastropods to new drugs
295-304 Severina I.S., Schegolev A.Yu., Medvedev A.E.
Potentiation of NO-dependent activation of soluble guanylyl cyclase by 5-nitroisatin and antiviral preparatation arbidol
305-320 Abakumova O.Y., Podobed O.V., Belayeva N.F., Tochilkin A.I.
Anticancer activity of oxovanadium compounds
321-329 Fedyushkina I.V., Stulov S.V., Dugin N.O., Misharin A.Yu., Mehtiev A.R., Morozevich G.E., Veselovsky A.V.
Molecular modeling of interaction of 17(20) and 17(20) E-pregna-5,17(20)-dien-21-oyl amides with the nuclear receptor LXRb
330-338 Milto I.V., Klimenteva T.K., Suhodolo I.V., Krivova N.A.
Prooxidant and antioxidant activity of blood plasma and histology of internal organs of rats after intravenous administration of magnetite nanoparticles
339-348 Lupatov A.Yu., Gisina A.M., Karalkin P.A., Yarygin K.N.
Identification of "side population" associated with cancer stem cells by flow cytometry with violet laser
349-357 Vekshin N.L.
Photo-activity of actinomycins
358-373 Vasilyeva I.N., Zinkin V.N.
The value of low-molecular-weight DNA of blood plasma in the diagnostic of the patological processes of different genesis
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