2003, Volume 49, Issue 3
221-237 Ivanov A.S., Skvortsov V.S., Sechenykh A.A., Dubanov A.V., Lisitsa A.V.
Computer modelling of 3D structure of cytochromes P450: problems and future trends
238-249 Koliasnikov O.V., Grigorenko V.G., Egorov A.M.
Analysis of model binding site of antibodies against 2,4-dichlorophenoxy-acetic acid
250-262 Nikiforova N.V., Berman A.E.
Antioxidants in malignant human and experimental tumors
263-266 Ustinova A.A., Ryabinin V.E.
Lipid peroxidation processes in spleen after chronic action of radiation
267-272 Gribanov G.A., Golovko M.U., Borinsky Y.N., Djatchkova L.Ya.
Changes in the lipid components of brain grey matter tissue of rats at the influence of Ca2+ ions during postmortal autholysis in vitro
273-277 Kerimov B.F.
Glutathione-S-transferase activities in various brain areas in normal and starved animals
278-283 Shchepetkin I.A., Ahmedganov R.R., Kagiya V.T.
Effect of azole derivatives on the lucigenin-dependent chemiluminescence of microsomes
284-290 Kozlov L.V., Belkin Z.P., Bichucher A.M., Batalova T.N., Dyakov V.L.
The effects of inhibitors on complement in vitro and in vivo: elisa analysis of inhibition of a subcomponent C1q and inhibition of complement action on the animal model
291-296 Vasiljev A.V., Shimanovskaya N.P., Khachaturova V.R., Maltcev G.U.
Influence of the dietary supplement "seleniumec" on the state of antioxidant system in patients with cardiovascular diseases
297-302 Barashkov G.K., Zaitzeva L.I., Kondahchan M.A., Konstantinova E.A.
Distribution of chemical elements in whole blood and plasma
303-304 80-th anniversary of B. F. Korovkin    
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