2012, Volume 58, Issue 2
131-143 Okorochenkov S.A., Zheltukhina G.A., Nebol"sin V.E.
Antimicrobial peptides: mode of action and perspectives of practical application
144-159 Buzanovskii V.A.
Electrochemical sensors based on carbon nanotubes and their use in biomedical research.Part 2: sensors manufactured by dispersion of carbon nanotubes by means of polyethyleneimine, organic dyes, cyclodextrins, chitosan, proteins, room-temperature ionic liquids, gels, and thiols. Sensors manufactured by dispersion of carbon nanotubes by electropolymerization process. sensors manufactured by dispersion of carbon nanotubes by layer-by-layer deposition
160-175 Zinov"eva V.N., Spasov A.A.
Mechanisms of plant polyphenols anti-cancer effects I. Blockade of carcinogenesis initiation
176-188 Balashova M.V., Lyutova L.V., Rudenskaya Yu.A., Isayev V.A., Andina S.S., Kozlov L.V., Rudenskaya G.N.
Anticoagulative and anticomplementary activity of endogenous inhibitor preparation from hepatopancreas of red king crab (paralithosed camtschaticus) towards human blood
189-198 Krivoshapko O.N., Popov A.M., Artyukov A.A., Kostetsky E.Y.
Particularities of corrective action of polar lipids and bioantioxidants from sea hydrobionts at imbalances of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism
199-210 Limanskaya O.Yu., Fesenko T.N., Pokrovskiy V.A., Mukhina T.N., Stepanshina V.N., Shemyakin I.G., Limanskii A.P.
Characterization of oligonucleotides with LNA-monomers for PCR detection of point mutations in mycobacteria tuberculosis genome
211-219 Gribovskaya O.V., Shutova I.V., Tsyganova O.V., Martinovich V.P., Golubovich V.P.
New bioaffine sorbents for selective elimination of autoantibodies against human thyroperoxidase in autoimmune thyroid diseases
220-223 Zharkova N.V., Potapov P.P., Stelmach A.Yu.
The effect of acute alcohol intoxication on some parameters of nitrogenous metabolism in rats with alloxan diabetes
224-229 Mikaelyan N.P., Terentyev A.A., Maxina A.G., Mikaelyan A.V., Novikova S.V.
Lipid-proteinic interaction in erythrocytie and placental membranes in women with insulin resistance
230-236 Meshcheryakova M.G., Trilis Ya.G., Kirillova N.V., Alpatova A.T., Muhin I.A., Kozhevin A.A.
Some biochemical parameters of the synovial liquid for estimation of effectiveness of the treatment of the knee joint osteoarthrosis
237-240 Pogarskaya I.V., Kontarov N.A., Balaev N.V., Yuminova N.V.
The study of structural changes in influenza virus hemagglutinin (ha) after interaction with liposomes by the fluorescence method
241-241 Barashkov G.K.
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