2010, Volume 56, Issue 4
425-442 Dolgikh M.S.
The modern creation technologies of implanted bioartificial liver
443-456 Nadolnik L.I.
Stress and thyroid gland
457-470 Romanova S.G., Romanov V.G., Serebrennikova G.A., Shtil A.A.
Glycerolipids of alkyl type - modulators of tumoral cells destruction
471-479 Khairullina V.R., Tarasov G.P., Gerchikov A.Ja., Zarydiy F.S., Tjurina L.A.
Study "structure-anti-arrhythmic activity" relationship of n-phenil acetamide derivatives and amides of aromatic carbonic acids
480-489 Pivovarova E.N., Baginskaya N.V., Perepechaeva M.L., Ilnitskaya S.I., Dushkin M.I.
Liver nuclear hormone receptor PPAR, LXR and RXR expression and blood lipid and glucose levels in susceptible and resistent to hepatocarcinogenesis strain of mice
490-498 Safonova O.A., Popova T.N., Saidi L.
Citrate influence on oxidative status of rats tissues under experimental toxic hepatitis
499-505 Bardina L.R., Pronko P.S., Satanovskaya V.I., Aliyeva Ye.V.
Effect of catalase activators and inhibitors on ethanol pharmacokinetic parameteres and ethanol and aldehyde-metabolizing enzyme activities in the rat liver and brain
506-509 Vavilova T.P., Tarasenko I.V., Medvedev A.E., Ostrovskaya I.G.
The effect of various modes of surgical injury of rat buccal mucosa on the content of basic fibroblast growth factor and interleukins 1β and 6 in the dynamics of reparative processes
510-516 Globa A.G., Demidova V.S., Dikova O.N., Vishnevskiy V.A., Shchegolyev A.I.
The study of RNA markers in blood of patients with malignant tumors of gastrointestinal tract
517-525 Strelkova I.Y., Abdullaev S.A., Snigireva G.P., Bezlepkin V.G., Gaziev A.I.
Share of extracellular mitochondrial DNA with a mutations increases in the plasma of patients lung cancer after radiotherapy
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