2010, Volume 56, Issue 6
624-638 Maltsev A.V., Galzitskaya O.V.
Formation and participation of nano-amyloids in pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease and other amyloidogenic diseases
639-656 Spiridonova V.A.
Molecular recognition elements - DNA/RNA-aptamers to proteins
657-662 Kulinsky V.I., Kolesnichenko L.S.
Nuclear glutathione and its functions
663-673 Ki Beom Lee, Kyung Bae Pi
Comparative proteomic analysis of cancerous and adjacent normal lung tissues
674-685 Tsoy A.M., Zaytseva-Zotova D.S., Edelweiss E.F., Bartkowiak A., Goergen J-L., Vodovozova E.L., Markvicheva E.A.
Microencapsulated multicellular tumor spheroids:preparation and use as a novel in vitro model for drug screening
686-699 Veiko N.N., Konorova I.L., Neverova M.E., Fidelina O.V., Mkrtumova N.A., Ershova E.S., Postnov A.Iu., Kon'kova M.S.
Delayed appearance of hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR) injected with CpG-rich DNA early in ontogenesis
700-709 Shpakov A.O., Derkach K.V., Bondareva V.M.
A decrease of sensitivity of adenylyl cyclase and heterotrimeric g-proteins to chorionic gonadotropin and peptide hormones action in the tissues of reproductive system of the rats in the condition of experimental type 2 diabetes
710-718 Dremza I.K., Cheshchevik V.T., Zabrodskaya S.V., Maksimchik Y.Z., Sudnikovich E.Ju., Lapshina E.A., Zavodnik I.B.
Hepatotoxic efects of acetaminophen. Protective properties of tryptophan-derivatives
719-725 Blagonravov M.L., Onufriev M.V., Demurov E.A., Guliaeva N.V., Frolov V.A.
Assessment of caspase-3 activity in rabbit myocardial tissue during experimental hemodynamic overload of the left ventricle of the heart
726-738 Pozdeev V.K., Pozdeyev N.V.
Determination of total aminothiols and neuroactive amino acids in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection
739-746 Levashov P.A., Afanasieva O.I., Dmitrieva O.A., Klesareva E.V., Adamova I.Yu., Afanasieva M.I., Bespalova Zh.D., Sidorova M.V., Pokrovsky S.N.
Preparation of affinity sorbents with immobilized synthetic ligands for therapeutic apheresis
747-757 Korzhenevskiy D.A., Selischeva A.A., Saveliev S.V.
An approach to the identification of the phospholipid molecular species in human erythrocytes using HPLC with mass-spectrometric detection
758-768 Shumyantseva V.V., Bulko T.V., Vagin M.Yu., Suprun E.V., Archakov A.I.
Electrochemical immunoanalysis of cardiac myoglobin
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