2009, Volume 55, Issue 5
533-533 Article only in Russian    
534-543 Pyatnitskiy M.A., Lisitsa A.V., Archakov A.I.
Comparison of algorithms for prediction of related proteins using the method of phylogenetic profiles
544-557 Druzhilovsky D.S., Filimonov D.A., Liao Ch., Peach M., Niclaus M., Poroikov V.V.
Computer-assisted search and optimization of new integrase inhibitor of human immunodeficiency virus
558-569 Kudinova N.V., Berezov T.T.
Photodynamic therapy: search for ideal photosensitizer
570-586 Borisenko G.G.
The prospect of pluripotent stem cell-based therapy
587-609 Proskuryakov S.Ya., Konoplyannikov A.G., Ulyanova L.P., Logunov D.Yu., Narodicky B.S., Gincburg A.L.
Stem cells of intestine epithelium. Survival mechanisms and microbiota role
610-620 Shebanova A.S., Savvateev M.N., Maluchenko N.V., Trofimov D.Yu., Agapov I.I.
A new method for quantitative estimation of the number of virus particles
621-634 Khalikova T.A., Korolenko T.A., Ilnitskaya S.I.
The lysosomal cathepsins B, L and D in development of murine experimental leukemias
635-642 Vishnevskii A.A., Korotkevich I.G., Zhanayeva G.A., Zhaparalieva Ch.O.
Membrane and functional effects of vinpocetine and tocopherol in rats with experimental cerebral ischemia
643-650 Makeeva A.V., Popova T.N., Slivkin A.I., Krylsky D.V.
The influense of guanidine derivatives on free radical oxidation intensity and aconitase activity at development of brain ischemia-reperfusion at rats
651-662 Oztetik E.
Effects of thapsigargicin on Cа2+ movements in L1210 cells permeabilized with digitonin
663-672 Kuznetsova L.A., Chistyakova O.V.
The regulation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and glycogen synthase activities by insulin superfamily peptides in myometrium of pregnant women and its impairments under different types of diabetes mellitus
673-680 Petrushova O.P., Gengin M.T., Smetanin V.A., Kuznetsova A.V.
Proteolytic activity of placenta with EPH-gestosis
681-682 Article only in Russian    
683-684 Article only in Russian    
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