2012, Volume 58, Issue 1
5-11 Klimov A.N., Parfenova N.S., Golikov Y.P.
One century of the cholesterol model of atherosclerosis
12-31 Buzanovskii V.A.
Electrochemical sensors based on carbon nanotubes and their use in biomedical research
32-42 Pyatakova N.V., Severina I.S.
Soluble guanylate cyclase in the molecular mechanism underlying the therapeutic action of drugs
43-49 Ershov P.V., Gnedenko O.V., Molnar A.A., Lisitsa A.V., Ivanov A.S., Archakov A.I.
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Dimerization Inhibitors Binding to HIV Protease Monomers by Surface Plasmon Resonance
50-64 Mezentsev Yu.V., Molnar A.A., Sokolov N.N., Lisitsina V.B., Ivanov A.S., Archakov A.I., Archakov M.A.
Specificity of molecular recognition in oligomerization of bacterial L-asparaginases
65-76 Baskova I.P., Alekseeva A.Yu., Kostyuk S.V., Neverova M.E., Smirnova T.D., Veiko N.N.
Use of the most recent reagent (CuF) for stimulation of NO synthesis by the medicinal leech salivary cell secretion in the cultures of human endothelium cells (HUVEC) and in rat cardiomiocytes
77-87 Sirota T.V.
A new approach to studying the autoxidation of adrenaline: possibility of the determination of superoxide dismutase activity and the antioxidant properties of various preparations by polarography
88-94 Li K., Nu L.Z., Khe K.L., Song K.H.
Determination of phenobarbital in human urine and serum usingflow injection chemiluminescence
95-103 Mityanina V.A., Kuptzov V.N., Saveliev S.V., Shvets V.I., Selishcheva A.A.
Erythrocyte lipid composition at different stages of type 1 diabetes in children
104-111 Popov S.S., Shulgin K.K., Pashkov A.N., Zoloyedov V.I., Shvedov G.I., Rakhmanova T.I.
Peculiar properties of glutathione system and nadph-generated enzymes functioning in blood of patients with drug-induced hepatitis under combined treatment with epifamin
112-120 Alexeev Y.V., Likhacheva E.V., Tereshkin D.V., Ponomarev G.V., Mazur E.M.
Effective photosensibilizator selection for e.n.t.-organ diseases treatment, based on their accumulation in pathologically changed tissues
121-123 Article only in Russian    
124-126 Article only in Russian    
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