2010, Volume 56, Issue 2
152-167 Pankov Y.A.
Genetic variations in the regulation of energetic balance
168-178 Ansari N.A., Rasheed Z.
Non-enzymatic glycation of proteins: from diabetes to cancer
179-186 Yaglova N.V., Berezov T.T.
Regulation of thyroid and pituitary function by bacterial lipopolysaccharide
187-194 Tolstikova T.G., Khvostov M.V., Bryzgalov A.O., Dushkin A.V., Meteleva E.S.
Improvement of pharmacological values of the nifedipine by means of mechanochemical complexation with glycyrrhizic acid
195-208 Bozhkov A.I., Sidorov V.I., Dlubovskaya V.L., Shevtsova M.Ya., Surov Yu.N.
Appearance of the imprinting effect on the specific pattern of intracellular distribution of copper ions in the liver after exposure to high concentrations of copper sulfate
209-219 Sumbul S., Khan M.S., Bano B.
Effect of curcumin on the nitric oxide induced structural and functional modifications of high molecular mass goat brain cystatin
220-229 Tsvetikova L.N., Popova T.N., Rakhmanova T.I., Iskusnykh I.Y.
Expression and catalytic properties of rat liver nadp-isocitrate dehydrogenase under normal conditions, after administration of tumor necrosis factor-α and at thioctic acid action
230-243 Logashenko E.B., Kuznetsova I.L., Ryabchikova E.I., Vlassov V.V., Zenkova M.A.
Mechanism of the toxicity of the artificial ribonucleases for the different human cancer cell lines
244-256 Kuchmenko E.B., Petukhov D.N., Donchenko G.V., Mkhitaryan L.S., Tymoshchuk S.V., Strutynskaya N.A., Vavilova G.L., Sagach V.F.
Effect of complexes of precursors and modulators of coenzyme q biosynthesis on functional state of old rats' heart mitochondria
257-265 Indutny A.V., Bykov D.E., Vysokogorsky V.E.
The level of free radical oxidation products in heart and blood plasma by diabetes mellitus with chronic alcohol intoxication
266-273 Marchenko M.M., Kopylchuk G.P., Ketsa O.V.
Low doses x-ray irradiation influence on liver detoxication system in rats with transplanted guerin's carcinoma
274-282 Venediktova A.A., Falameeva O.V., Kolosova N.G., Sadovoj M.A., Korolenko T.A.
Cathepsin K and matrix metalloproteases activity in bone tissue of OXYS rats with osteoporosis development
283-289 Serebrov V.Yu., Kuzmenko D.I., Burov P.G., Sapugoltseva O.B.
Activity of enzymes of a sphingomyelin cycle and concentration of products of sphingomyelin degradation in the liver of rats in dynamics of the acute toxic hepatitis
290-298 Kostyushov V.V., Bokal I.I.
Role of thioldisulfid of system in mechanism of oxidative stress and distress at HIV of infection
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