Changes of phospholipids of grey аnd white matter of rats' brain in process of autolysis in vitro under influence acute hypobaric hypoxic hypoxia

Gribanov G.A.1, Leshchenko D.V.1, Golovko M.Yu.2

1. Tver State University
2. Tver State Medical Academy
Section: Experimental/Clinical Study
PubMed Id: 15179827
Year: 2004  Volume: 50  Issue: 2  Pages: 192-197
The development of autolysis in grey brain matter of albino rats was accompanied by desintegration of aminophospholipids fractions with parallel increase of glycerophosphates (GLP) and phosphatidic acids (PA) on early stages of incubation and lysophospholipids (LPL) on later stages. Acute hypobaric hypoxic hypoxia decreased the level of phosphatidylethanolamines (PE) with simultaneous accumulation of PA. Previous hypoxia altered the character of autolytic reorganizations of phospholipids. Oscillatory reciprocal reorganizations in the system PE > PS (phosphatidylserine) were observed at early stage (1 h) and at late stages of autolysis (24 h). At the same time increased transformation of phosphatidylcholines (PC) into sphingomyelins (SM) with simultaneous accumulation GLP was registered. During autolysis of brain white matter of control rats opposite oscillatory reorganizations of PE, PC, SM, PA with reduction of PE and simultaneous increase of LPL and PA level after 1 hour of incubation were observed. Reciprocal reactions of biotransformation in system PS> PE were revealed at 4th hour. Previous hypobaric hypoxic hypoxia reduced the level of total phospholipids as well as PS at simultaneous increase of LPL. Acute hypobaric hypoxic hypoxia increased autolytic transformations in system PC > SM and induced hydrolysis of PE, PC into LPL at late stages of autolysis.
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Gribanov G.A., Leshchenko D.V., Golovko M.Yu. (2004) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 50(2), 192-197.
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